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Are you a big fan of Erin Hunter? Have you been following the Warrior books? Would you like to get Warriors The Broken Code Darkness Within PDF? Warriors: The Broken Code #4: Darkness Within eBook in PDF format is an asset to anyone who loves reading Erin Hunter’s books. If you have ever read Erin Hunter’s books, then you’d agree with me that he is a very good author. Darkness Within PDF is the fourth book in The Broken Code arc. It features Bristlefrost, Shadowsight, and Rootspring as the main protagonists. Leafpool serves as the protagonist for the prologue. Squirrelflight is featured on the cover, with Bramblestar and his impostor below.

Erin Hunter’s Warriors: The Broken Code #4: Darkness Within PDF is a breathtaking adventure brimming with action and intrigue, Warriors: The Broken Code #4: Darkness Within ePub follows the battle that left all five Clans devastated, ThunderClan’s loyal deputy, Squirrelflight, must bring to light an earth-shattering truth: the identity of the cat ruling ThunderClan while wearing Bramblestar’s face. Will Squirrelflight be able to expose the truth? Get the book and find out.

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Warriors: The Broken Code #4: Darkness Within PDF Synopsis

The #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues! Discover more epic adventures in the fourth book in the action-packed Broken Code story arc.

Exiled after a battle that left all five Clans devastated, ThunderClan’s loyal deputy, Squirrelflight, must bring to light an earth-shattering truth: the identity of the cat ruling ThunderClan while wearing Bramblestar’s face.

While the fate of his body hangs in the balance, the real Bramblestar’s spirit has vanished. Even Rootspring is powerless to reach him—and with tensions among the Clans at a breaking point, Squirrelflight may not be able to ensure Bramblestar has a body to return to. If he returns at all.

Packed with action and intrigue, this sixth Warriors series is the perfect introduction for readers new to the Warriors world, while dedicated fans will be thrilled to discover the new adventures that unfold after the events of A Vision of Shadows.

Warriors: The Broken Code #4: Darkness Within Review

[Review From Goodreads by Ariana]

After almost six months of painful wait, I had very high expectations going into this book, and luckily it didn’t let me down! It was intense and gripping, and I had a great time reading it!

However, I have some mixed feelings about it, so here are my thoughts (keep in mind that although I’ve tried to keep them relatively light, there are spoilers ahead!):

Things I liked:

  • Rootspring! My love for him increased a lot during this book. I loved seeing him realize how much he’s grown since the first book and to learn to feel more comfortable with his powers and his kin. It was wholesome and I’m here for it.
  • Ashfur was a much better villain than I thought we would be. His manipulations of Shadowsight and his obsession with Squirrelflight were both very well-written and interesting. He was actually scary at times and his characterization was seriously surprising!
  • Tough probably an unpopular opinion, I was really looking forward to the Sisters’ return! They were much more likable than the first time, and Sunrise was a great aunt for Rootspring. More than anything, I adored the lore added to the series with their rituals and powers (glad the authors didn’t forget about the toms’ ability to talk to the earth!) and I’m very excited to see more of them in later installments and intrigued to know how far Rootspring’s powers will be able to go now he knows how to make himself stronger.
  • Shadowsight, as always, is a fantastic protagonist and very easy to sympathize with. He remains my favorite POV from this arc, and I really care about him, so it was heartbreaking to see him lose his faith in himself and having such terrible self-esteem problems.
  • This book had many creepy scenes! The Sisters’ ritual and the ending were especially chilling, and the tone of the book, in general, was a lot darker than of the previous ones.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Mothwing. While I get the story needed an antagonist to move forward, I was really pissed off by how out of character they had Mothwing act. She was nothing like herself during most of the book and even though I don’t hate her, it was a huge disappointment that she was that mean to Shadowsight.
  • Rootspring and Bristlefrost’s relationship wasn’t terrible at all, but I strongly disliked it. Their scenes were (mostly) cheesy and awkward to read, and their feelings were such an insistent theme it became annoying. I liked that they were being responsible adults about it, though, and didn’t let their emotions overpower them despite what they felt.
  • The pacing was a bit slow in some parts, especially during the trip chapters. Journeys definitely aren’t Warriors’ strongest point, and this one wasn’t nearly as bad as some other traveling scenes, but it dragged and bored me still.

And finally, some random thoughts:

  • Spotfur is one of the most well-written characters in this arc, and dare I say in the entire Warriors series. Her strong personality, grief for Stemleaf, and complicated thoughts on their kits were fascinating to read about. After this, I’m more than ready for her novella to come out! The Sisters’ song for her unborn kits was absolutely adorable and it made me emotional for sure.
  • Lightleap was a very supportive sister and it melted my heart! She was sweet to Shadowsight and did her best to help him. I loved seeing her finally have some kind of importance, even if she wasn’t essential to the plot.
  • A character I can’t say the same about is Needleclaw. She was too tied up on the rules and mean with Bristlefrost, which I didn’t quite enjoy. I really can’t complain about the characterization decision, though, because it wasn’t objectively bad, but I still didn’t enjoy it.

Overall, I really liked Darkness Within! It had a fair amount of flaws, but personally, I think the rest of the book made up for it. A lot of questions were brought up and I can’t wait to read the next one, especially after that cliffhanger!

Warriors The Broken Code Darkness Within PDF

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