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Veil of Shadows PDF is the third book in The Broken Code arc. It features Bristlefrost, Shadowsight, and Rootspring as the main protagonists. The ghost of Spiresight serves as the protagonist for the prologue. Erin Hunter’s Warriors The Broken Code #3 Veil of Shadows PDF is a breathtaking adventure brimming with action and intrigue. Warriors Veil of Shadows PDF is a must-read for all warriors book series lovers.

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Warriors: The Broken Code #3: veil of Shadows PDF Synopsis

The #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues! Discover more epic adventures in the third book in the action-packed Broken Code story arc.

After losing one of his nine lives, ThunderClan’s leader, Bramblestar, became intent on rooting out and exiling cats he claims are traitors to the warrior code. But some cats know the truth: this isn’t the real Bramblestar, and their leader’s true spirit is desperate to return to its rightful place before the rising tension among the five Clans erupts into outright war.

Packed with action and intrigue, this sixth Warriors series is the perfect introduction for readers new to the Warriors world, while dedicated fans will be thrilled to discover the new adventures that unfold after the events of A Vision of Shadows.

Warriors: The Broken Code #3: Veil of Shadows Book Review

[Review From Goodreads]

Wow. Oh, wow. This review took me a little longer because I finished this book before midday of the publishing date, so my memory was pretty messed up due to extremely fast reading and lack of sleep. Sorry for that.

Now, for the actual review, the first thing I am going to say is that I am impressed by how consistent the pacing of this one was. Every chapter moved the plot forward and all the three protagonists had important roles to play in the story. It was well-thought-out and amazingly crafted, which is always great.

About the plot, it was gripping and got me at the edge of my seat almost all the time. I don’t want to spoil anyone because this is a pretty recent book, so I will just say a lot of exciting things happen that have to do with the impostor and the rebel group, and there is a battle at the end that is full of adrenaline, just like the rest of the book.

Now, for the characters… Bristlefrost really shone during this book, I could sense all the pressure that was put on her and felt sympathy for her. She took important and hard decisions and suffered the consequences. I also really liked that Rootspring (love the new name!) finally came to terms with his powers and realized that it was more important to help save others than how he was viewed by outsiders. The concept of Shadowsight’s out-of-body experiences was very original and interesting too, and he acted as selfless and caring as always, which reminded me how much I love his character.

The only thing that bothered me was how they continued making the impostor’s identity a mystery, because, at this point, probably everyone has found out or at least has a clear idea of who he is. There are even more hints given in this book that only reinforce my point. However, this may be just my way of seeing it, and maybe other people still doubt the most popular theory.

Before finishing the review, I would like to add that I believe the authors have learned from their main mistake in AVoS and have left some plots unresolved for books to come, so the readers feel satisfied while still wonder about what will happen next. There were some new questions raised during this book too, maintaining the excitement and building the tension for later instalments on the series.

In general, this book was truly a ride. I seriously don’t know how the authors come up with so many things to further the plot without it feeling like filler. This new arc is rapidly becoming one of my favourites and I can’t wait for the next book.

Warriors Veil of Shadows PDF Download

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