How to Edit Nightbot Commands

How to Edit Nightbot Commands

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Nightbot Mod Commands

No one has it harder than stream mods. Besides just keeping an eye on the chat, they’ll need to be ready for anything. Title changes, posting polls, adding tags, they’ll do it all and Nightbot commands will help take some of that weight off their shoulders. 

  • !title – Will post the title of the stream in the chat. Can also be used to change the title
    • !title New Title – Will change the stream title to whatever you type in for New Title


  • !marker – Creates a marker in the stream. Makes it easier to go back and clip later
  • !filters – Gives mods control of the Nightbot spam filters menu. 
  • !songs – Gives you full access to AutoDJ song que. Some additional controls below
    • !songs current – Displays current song playing in chat
    • !songs list – Gives link to full song list for channel
    • !songs skip – Skips the current song
  • !poll – creates a straw poll for users to vote in
    • Ex: !poll new Best DBZ Villain | Buu | Cell | Freeza

Best Nightbot Chat Commands 

Below are a few of my personal favorite commands to use while streaming.

  • !command – Gives a link with all active commands for the channel. Great for if you’re forgetful. 
  • !tags – Gives streamers the ability to change tags on the fly
    • Ex: !tags pvp will add the pvp tag to your stream
  • !regular – a quick way to add the “regular’ roll to one of your constant viewers.
  • !discord – Gives a link to my channel’s Discord server
    • This is a custom command (more on how to add those, below)
  • !youtube – Gives a link to my YouTube Channel
    • You should really have one for each social. Just in case viewers don’t feel like checking out your about section.
  • !bracket – I host tournaments monthly. This command gives viewers a link to the tournament’s bracket.
    • If you have something viewers will need to reference, but it’s not constantly on your stream, a similar command may work for you.
  • !poll – Great way to create some interaction and get a conversation going
    • Cell is the best DBZ villain by the way.
  • !winner – Randomly picks a winner from your viewers
    • The fastest way to complete a prize drawing without messing with the contest page on the Nightbot site. 
  • !marker – It creates a marker on the stream for when you go back to make a clip. You’ll love past you for using this one.
  • !dumbbot – See below. In my first stream using Nightbot, I had the filter settings set way too high. Chat quickly became a sea of deleted messages and Big Brother Nightbot making his presence known. After that stream, I adjusted the filters and created this command. Now anytime Nightbot gets a little too pushy anyone in chat can call him out on it. Just a reminder for you to find fun ways to interact with Nightbot.

How to Make Custom Nightbot Commands

To create your own custom Nightbot commands, complete the following:

  1. Step 1 From the Nightbot Dashboard click the ‘Commands’ dropdown on the left and select ‘Custom.’
  2. Step 2 From the Custom Command page click the blue “+Add Command” button.
  3. Step 3 In the new window, select the following:
    • Title – Make it something easy to remember
    • Message – What will chat see when putting this command in? Avoid a big wall of text.
    • Userlevel – Who can use this? Everyone? Mods? Just you?
    • Cooldown – After use, how long must chat wait before a command can be used again?
    • Alias – Are there more variables that need to be added to this command?
  4. Step 4 This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nightbot-custom-command-test.png Click the blue ‘Submit’ button and test the command in your Twitch chat. 

To edit a command in chat

When you are in the middle of a live stream, it can be difficult to edit commands through the main NightBot dashboard. Type out the below command in chat to edit a specific command. This command is also helpful for moderators who do not have access to your NightBot dashboard. 


!command edit command name command response

So for example to edit the !fistbump command, you would type !fistbump for the command name while you would type /me fistbumps someone for the command response. 

To set up a win counter for multiple games

This is helpful when you want to reflect a number for multiple elements. You will need two separate commands which are shown below. The first command is set up to show your viewers in chat the actual win count for each separate element without editing the command itself, while the second command is set up to edit the first command accordingly. I know it sound confusing but bare with me.

First command is listed below:

!commands add !wins Streamer has won 0 times in game A and 0 times in game B.

Second command is listed below:

!commands add !setwins -a=!commands edit !wins Streamer has won $(1) times in game A and $(2) times in game B.

Now let’s test it out!
In your chat, type !setwins 36 20 
Press Enter.
You should get a confirmation from NightBot stating the !wins command has been updated. 

Now type !wins

NightBot should show in your chat:
Streamer has won 36 times in game A and 20 times in game B.


Nightbot commands make life easier for everyone involved. They’re great shortcuts to help get more done and a great way to increase interaction with your viewers. What’s your favorite Nightbot command?

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