How To Convert Lbs To Kg

The reason most people don’t understand how to convert pounds to kilograms is that they’re unaware of the pounds to kilograms conversion formula. For this reason, most people use pounds subtraction calculator, pounds addition calculator or pounds multiplication table, but they don’t use any of these formulas. Well, you can neglect doing calculations with any mathematical tool once you know how to convert pounds to kilograms. Below you will learn How To Convert Lbs To Kg.

Both pounds (lbs) and kilograms (kg) are used to measure weight or mass. Pounds are an imperial unit most often used in America, while kilograms are a metric unit commonly used in European countries. Note that 1 pound is equal to 0.454 kilograms and 1 kilogram is equal to 2.2046 pounds. There are multiple ways to easily convert between the two units.

Method 1Method 1 of 2:Pounds to Kilograms

  1. 1Divide the number of pounds by 2.2046 to use the standard equation. For example, if you want to convert 50 pounds to kilograms, divide 50 by 2.2046, which is equal to 22.67985 kg. To convert 200 pounds to kilograms, divide 200 by 2.2046, which is equal to 90.71940 kg.[1]
  2. 2Multiply the number of pounds by 0.454 as an alternative. If you find multiplication easier to do in your head than division, you can use a different conversion factor to convert pounds to kilograms. For instance, to convert 100 pounds to kilograms, multiply 100 by 0.454, which is 45.4 kg.
  3. 3Round your answer to the hundredths place. In most instances, you won’t need to use more than 3 numbers after the decimal point. So, if your answer is 22.67985, round that to 22.68. As another example, round 90.71940 to 90.72.[3]
    • Avoid rounding the number of pounds before you convert them to kilograms.

Method 2Method 2 of 2:Kilograms to Pounds

  1. 1Multiply the number of kilograms by 2.2046 to use the traditional formula. For instance, to convert 75 kilograms to pounds, multiply 75 by 2.2046, which is 165.345 lbs. To convert 350 kilograms to pounds, multiply 350 by 2.2046, which is 771.61 lbs.[4]
  2. 2Divide the number of kilograms by 0.454 if you find that easier. If you prefer, you can use division to convert kilograms to pounds. For example, if you want to convert 25 kilograms to pounds, divide 25 by 0.454, which is 55.066 lbs. Or, divide 500 kilograms by 0.454 to get 1,101.321 lbs.[5]
  3. 3Remember that there will be more pounds than kilograms. Because 1 kilogram is equal to 2.2046 pounds, there will always be more pounds than kilograms once you do the conversion. Keep this in mind and recheck your calculations if you ever have more pounds than kilograms.[6]
    • For instance, 30 kilograms is equal to 66.138 pounds and 1,000 kilograms is equal to 2,204.6 pounds. In both examples, there are more pounds than kilograms.

Quick and easy pounds to kilograms conversion

If you’re just trying to convert pounds to kilograms for cooking or to know your own weight, there’s a handy rule of thumb you can use:
To get kilograms, divide by 2 then take off 1/10th of your answer
Eg 100 pounds… Divide by two = 50 Kg. Take off 1/10th = (50 – 5) = 45 Kg.

This is close to the genuine answer of 45.35923kg, and is a much easier sum to do in your head!

Definitions of Pounds and Kilograms

The pound unit of weight is also known as the imperial pound, avoirdupois pound and international pound. The pound is defined as 453.59237 grams. Pound is often shortened to ‘lb’, so we can say 1lb=453.59237g

One kilogram (normally abbreviated to ‘Kg’) is almost exactly equal to the mass of one litre of water.

The kilogram is an SI base unit – this means that all other metric mass (weight) units are defined in terms of kilograms .

Pounds to Kilograms conversion table

Pounds (lb)Kilograms (kg)Kilograms+Grams (kg+g)
0 lb0 kg0 kg 0 g
0.1 lb0.045 kg0 kg 45 g
1 lb0.454 kg0 kg 454 g
2 lb0.907 kg0 kg 907 g
3 lb1.361 kg1 kg 361 g
4 lb1.814 kg1 kg 814 g
5 lb2.268 kg2 kg 268 g
6 lb2.722 kg2 kg 722 g
7 lb3.175 kg3 kg 175 g
8 lb3.629 kg3 kg 629 g
9 lb4.082 kg4 kg 82 g
10 lb4.536 kg4 kg 536 g
20 lb9.072 kg9 kg 72 g
30 lb13.608 kg13 kg 608 g
40 lb18.144 kg18 kg 144 g
50 lb22.680 kg22 kg 680 g
60 lb27.216 kg27 kg 216 g
70 lb31.751 kg31 kg 751 g
80 lb36.287 kg36 kg 287 g
90 lb40.823 kg40 kg 823 g
100 lb45.359 kg45 kg 359 g
1000 lb453.592 kg453 kg 592 g


It would be quite helpful to know how to convert lbs to kg. Just like in general, most Americans are not accustomed to the metric system. We’re familiar with inches, feet, yards, miles, and ounces (not fluid ounces. People regularly confuse that). To measure food in the United States , we use units called cup measures or tablespoons or even sometimes teaspoons.

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