The Secrets of Dance Music Production PDF

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a professional dance music track? It wasn’t until I started to delve into the world of dance and electronic music production and production techniques, that I began to ask myself this very question: “What exactly makes these tracks so good?” If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions then The Secrets of Dance Music Production PDF Book is just what you need. The Secrets of Dance Music Production is a great book to read if you produce EDM and have time to try the material right away. Useful if you’re relatively new to digital music production.

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The Secrets of Dance Music Production PDF Free Download

  • Book Title: The Secrets of Dance Music Production PDF
  • Author: David Felton
  • Published: December 1st 2016
  • Goodreads Link: The Secrets of Dance Music Production
  • ISBN: 0956446035 (ISBN13: 9780956446039)
  • Formats: [PDF] [Epub]
  • No. of pages: 312 pages
  • Size: 4 MB
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, Music
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Available
  • Price: $0

The Secrets of Dance Music Production by David Felton Summary

The world’s leading electronic music production magazine delivers the definitive guide to making cutting-edge dance music. Featuring 312 color pages packed with technique, tips, illustrations and hands-on walkthroughs, The Secrets of Dance Music Production pulls together everything you need to take a mix from concept to club-ready master – whether you make house or techno, 2-step or D&B, EDM or trance.

Topics include studio fundamentals, the golden rules of mixing, essential techniques, improving writing chops, bigger beats, learning from the masters and more. 

The Secrets of Dance Music Production Review

An absolute must-read for music production newbies. Electronic music broken down into pieces and scrutinized under a magnifying glass. An enjoyable read as well with lots of examples and practical walkthroughs. Having started from scratch (and having discarded a few other books as they failed to explain concepts in detail) I now feel I have a solid understanding of the subject, but will definitely revert to this book later as it has lots of handy information.

Most of the book is very good. Short paragraphs get right to the point without sounding like they were written by someone overcaffeinated. The book is doing its best to not be dogmatic, and yet give advice as to specific as possible. The authors are kind enough to keep reminding readers by using phrases like “almost always”, “practically never”, etc. This is a small thing, but I think it is important because, after all, most of the current music started with experimentation and breaking the rules.

Attack Magazine The Secrets of Dance Music Production PDF

The reason why I found the book great to read before sleep is that I couldn’t relate to a lot of step-by-step guides, which were mostly focused on Ableton, Logic & Pro Tools. Obviously, these are easy to transpose to whatever DAW you’re using, but my problem was that I never had a chance to apply the knowledge learned immediately. I can imagine I would benefit from the book much more if I immediately tried out every lesson learned.

I will keep this book around and will definitely go back to individual parts over time as needed – as with any art/craft, you cannot properly learn everything just by reading about it. The book was clear enough to be read sequentially, but I think it will be better as a reference guide and workbook.

The Secrets of Dance Music Production PDF

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