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Get The Secret Recipe for Moving On PDF and start an enchanting journey. The Secret Recipe for Moving On PDF is an amazing book and you are sure to enjoy this book if you love reading young Adult, Romance books. Karen Bischer is the author of this book. Karen Bischer is a very good author and you will agree with me after reading this book. The Secret Recipe for Moving On PDF is her debuted novel. The Secret Recipe for Moving On PDF is a fun read with an amazing plot and great characters that will keep you asking for more and.

Ellie Agresti was dumped by her boyfriend Hunter on the first day of senior year in the worst possible way, he just ghosted her and didn’t actually break up with her until she confronted him later that day. To make matters worse he got together with his best friend Brynn pretty much right after and she has to see them being all coupley every day in the Life Skills Class they all take together. Cast out from her “friend” group, Ellie is forced to team up with a group of misfit guys for the class’s team competition. At first, she’s miserable but she soon realizes there is so much more to her teammates than she thought. But is Ellie willing to trust someone again after Hunter’s lies? The more she focuses on competition the more she ignores the needs of those around her. She’ll need to figure out what she really wants—and whom she wants to be with.

The Secret Recipe for Moving On was a really cute high school-based rom-com. There’s nothing quite like teenage drama!

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The Secret Recipe for Moving On Book Details

  • Book Title: The Secret Recipe for Moving On
  • Previous Books: Non
  • Author: Karen Bischer
  • Publish Date: March 23, 2021
  • ISBN: 9781250242310
  • Formats: PDF
  • No. of pages:
  • Size: MB
  • Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary.
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Not Available for Download
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The Secret Recipe for Moving On Summary

When Ellie is dumped by her boyfriend, she’s forced to make new friends (while watching her ex swoon over his new girlfriend) in The Secret Recipe for Moving On, a smart and funny YA debut from Karen Bischer.

Ellie Agresti’s not sure anything could be worse than being dumped by her boyfriend, Hunter, the first day of senior year.

But sharing a “life skills” class with him and his new girlfriend, Brynn? AND getting partnered with a “family” of misfits (A.J., the loudmouth; Isaiah, the horse-racing obsessive; and Luke, the tattooed stunt-biker)?

It’s a recipe for certain disaster…until an in-class competition allows Ellie to channel her angst into beating Hunter and Brynn’s team, and she unexpectedly bonds with her own group–especially Luke–in the process.

But as Ellie soon discovers, it will take more than classroom triumphs to heal her broken heart–and find herself again.

The Secret Recipe for Moving On PDF

The Secret Recipe for Moving On Book Review

The Secret Recipe for Moving On is a young adult contemporary romance by Karen Bischer. This book was an adorable coming of age story. It is perfect for young adult readers of all ages. There are some references to under age drinking, but overall I think this book had characters that were very age appropriate, which I always like to see in young adult stories. The Secret Recipe for Moving On is equal parts emotional , funny and sweet. It is a lighthearted read about how to get past a breakup and how to put the pieces of yourself back together. I really enjoyed this coming of age tale.

In The Secret Recipe for Moving On we meet our main character Ellie as she has to deal with a public abrupt breakup at school. To make matters worse, she is now forced to not only watch her ex move on right before her eyes, but she also feels very alone because she met all of her friends through her ex. Ellie is so relatable as a character, and I loved watching her come into her own throughout the story! As she pairs up with a group of guys in her life skills class, so many adorable moments happen throughout the book. Some embarrassing ones too, but overall I really enjoyed this cute and easy read. Her partners in life skills are great. She gets teamed up with A.J., Isaiah and Luke who are dubbed the “misfits” of the class. I loved them all!

Ellie and the boys turn out to be a great team, and the class overall was great! I loved the eclectic mix of assignments they have, and I really appreciated how they pushed Ellie to grow as a young adult. As a side note, this life skills class seems like a really wonderful class to take in high school. I wish they had a class like that when I was in school. It seemed useful and fun. Bottom line: This book is a really cute read that will appeal to character driven readers of all ages. I loved watching Ellie come into her own as a young woman. She is super likeable and relatable. I wanted to see her shine, and I was so happy when I did! I really enjoyed The Secret Recipe for Moving On.

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