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Get The Secret Lives of Colour PDF Free Download below and learn about different colours and their cultural meanings. Kassia St Clair the secret lives of colour is an amazing book that you shouldn’t miss for anything. This is not a book about color theory but a compilation of snippets about 75 colors. Each color has a very short account that ranges from explaining the original chemical/mineral composition of the color to explaining the status the color signified throughout civilization.

We take colour for granted these days; where ever you look you have garish clothing and brightly painted items competing for attention. But it was never like that, go back several hundred years ago, and lost people wore grey or brown cloth that had been dyed with the ochres and earth colours. Those that had some colour in their lives were the rich; they could afford the purples and reds that adorned their clothes and the rare blues and yellows that graced their artworks.

In this fascinating book, St Clair has uncovered the history behind 75 different colour shades and hues and tell their individual story. Not only is it a nicely written and fascinating book, but it is a beautifully produced book too; each colour group is split into sections and the margins on each page are coloured to match the shade being written about. As you read through each page changes subtly in colour and tone. Just rippling through the pages you transcend from white to yellow to the reds, blues greens, and end up at the black, it is a nice effect. The dots on the front are embossed making touching the cover a tactile experience.

The Secret Lives of Colour PDF Book Deatils

  • Book Title: The Secret Lives of Colour PDF
  • Previous Books: Non
  • Author: Kassia St Clair
  • Publish Date: October 24, 2017
  • ISBN: 9781524704940
  • Formats: PDF
  • No. of pages: 309
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, Art
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Available for Download
  • Price: Free

Kassia St Clair The secret lives of Colour PDF Book Summary

**One of *USA Today’*s “100 Books to Read While Stuck at Home During the Coronavirus Crisis”

A dazzling gift, the unforgettable, unknown history of colors and the vivid stories behind them in a beautiful multi-colored volume.

“Beautifully written . . . Full of anecdotes and fascinating research, this elegant compendium has all the answers.” —NPR, Best Books of 2017**

The Secret Lives of Color tells the unusual stories of seventy-five fascinating shades, dyes, and hues. From blonde to ginger, the brown that changed the way battles were fought to the white that protected against the plague, Picasso’s blue period to the charcoal on the cave walls at Lascaux, acid yellow to kelly green, and from scarlet women to imperial purple, these surprising stories run like a bright thread throughout history.

In this book, Kassia St. Clair has turned her lifelong obsession with colors and where they come from (whether Van Gogh’s chrome yellow sunflowers or punk’s fluorescent pink) into a unique study of human civilization. Across fashion and politics, art and war, the secret lives of color tell the vivid story of our culture.

“This passionate and majestic compedium will leave you bathed in the gorgeous optics of light.” —Elle

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