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The Last Black Unicorn Tiffany Hhaddish PDF is definitely worth reading. Haddish is incredibly funny, smart, and observant. She has lived a hard life which makes her success all the more admirable and deserved. Tiffany Haddish the last black unicorn pdf book is short and life-changing. But the funny parts will bring you to tears. So will the painful parts. In a sentence, Tiffany Hadish’s memoir about her life is hilarious, inspiring, and heartbreaking at the same time.

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  • Book Title: The Last Black Unicorn
  • Previous Books: Non
  • Goodreads Link: The Last Black Unicorn
  • Author: Tiffany Haddish
  • Publish Date: December 5, 2017
  • ISBN: 9781501181849
  • Formats: PDF
  • No. of pages: 233
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Genres: Humour, Biography, Autobiography
  • File Status: Available
  • Price: $0

The Last Black Unicorn Summary


“An inspiring story that manages to be painful, honest, shocking, bawdy and hilarious.” —The New York Times Book Review

From stand-up comedian, actress, and breakout star of Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish, comes The Last Black Unicorn, a sidesplitting, hysterical, edgy, and unflinching collection of (extremely) personal essays, as fearless as the author herself.

Growing up in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of South Central Los Angeles, Tiffany learned to survive by making people laugh. If she could do that, then her classmates would let her copy their homework, the other foster kids she lived with wouldn’t beat her up, and she might even get a boyfriend. Or at least she could make enough money—as the paid school mascot and in-demand Bar Mitzvah hype woman—to get her hair and nails done, so then she might get a boyfriend.

None of that worked (and she’s still single), but it allowed Tiffany to imagine a place for herself where she could do something she loved for a living: comedy.

Tiffany can’t avoid being funny—it’s just who she is, whether she’s plotting shocking, jaw-dropping revenge on an ex-boyfriend or learning how to handle her newfound fame despite still having a broke person’s mindset. Finally poised to become a household name, she recounts with heart and humour how she came from nothing and nowhere to achieve her dreams by owning, sharing, and using her pain to heal others.

By turns hilarious, filthy, and brutally honest, The Last Black Unicorn shows the world who Tiffany Haddish really is—humble, grateful, down-to-earth, and funny as hell. And now, she’s ready to inspire others through the power of laughter.

Tiffany Haddish The Last Black Unicorn PDF Book Review

The stand-up comedian and actress opened up about her past and the perils of being a woman in comedy.

In her uncensored and often hilarious debut memoir, Haddish reveals pivotal events from her personal life that helped propel her toward the stage. “I got into the entertainment business so I could feel accepted,” she writes. “And loved. And safe.” After learning about the trials of her early years, readers will appreciate how trying to make a roomful of strangers laugh could prove easier than negotiating the minefield of the author’s home life. Though somewhat dismissive of her uncanny ability to rise above adversity, Haddish provides a colloquially written rags-to-riches story that is both impressive and harrowing.

Abandoned by her father at age 3 and forced to live with her grandmother at 8, after her mother was in a devastating car accident that caused permanent brain damage, Haddish spent years taking care of her younger siblings or being abused while in foster care. She turned to humour as a defence mechanism, getting her comedic start as a teen working as an “energy producer” at bar mitzvahs around Los Angeles.

Once her grandmother learned she would no longer receive financial support for caring for her granddaughter, she turned Haddish out, causing her to become homeless at 18. At 21, the author’s stepfather told her that not only was he responsible for the accident that had forever changed her mother but that it had been meant to kill her and all her siblings so he could cash in on the life insurance.

After learning this, Haddish says she started dating policemen. “It’s always good to have police friends,” she writes, “especially black police because there aren’t a lot of them.” The author’s unrelenting positivity and openness about how insecurities about her own self-worth led to poor decisions later in life offer important lessons and hope for others seemingly trapped in toxic relationships. Both entertaining and grippingly introspective, Haddish’s take-no-prisoners tale is a testament to self-will and how humour can save your life.

Raves and Reviews

“I can’t get enough of Tiffany. Whatever God gave her in the energy department needs to be bottled up and sold so everybody can instantly feel good. Once you hear her story and her approach to life you literally feel like you can do anything.” 
– Charlamagne Tha God

“Tiffany Haddish is a force as a comedian. My girl demands to be heard and respected. I love you girl! Congratulations on all your success and continue to strive for greatness. You can do it!”
– Kevin Hart

The Last Black Unicorn is an inspiring story that manages to be painful, honest, shocking, bawdy and hilarious.” 
– The New York Times Book Review

“As raw and real as her stand-up act.” 

“[A] harrowing and unforgettable memoir.”
– The New Yorker

“This inspiring memoir will have you crying, laughing and wishing she was your BFF.” 
– USA Today

“The book is, no surprise, every bit as rowdy as the movie.”
– The New York Times Book Review

“It’s 100% in her voice and feels like her telling you these stories, many heartbreaking, at a bar.”
– Book Riot

“A bawdy, laugh-out-loud tell-all with a liberal dose of heart.” 
– Library Journal

“Tiffany Haddish has become known for her unabashed honesty, and continues to keep it 100 in new memoir, The Last Black Unicorn.

“The Last Black Unicorn is an entertaining and engaging, must-read page-turner.”
– Philadelphia Tribune

“Juicy, hilarious, and jaw-dropping.”
– Chicago Tribune

“Haddish is a hilarious, badass, and magical woman, and her memoir, The Last Black Unicorn, is further proof of it. This book will have you ugly-crying with laughter as the actress delves deep into the (very) intimate details of her personal life, using the same incredible sense of humour and fierce, unflinching honesty that won our hearts in the first place.”

“Brutally honest and hilarious.”

“We love a good story of overcoming adversity and Tiffany Haddish is a true testament of that sentiment.”

“Readers will love discovering how Tiffany turned her passion for comedy into a full-time career.”

“This book is exactly what you would expect from Tiffany Haddish—funny, crazy, surprising and magical.” 
– Michigan Chronicle

“Each story is told like a good joke with a solid setup and punchline.”
– Man Repeller

“Haddish is an author that demands to be heard and respected, but she never has to work hard to do that and more. If you liked Yes, Please by Amy Poehler or Bossypants by Tina Fey, this is right up your alley.”
– The Odyssey

“Actress Tiffany Haddish truly is a unicorn. Fierce, funny, and full of heart, this extremely personal essay collection should not be missed.”

The Last Black Unicorn is a hilarious and observant collection of personal essays, filled with truly jaw-dropping twists and turns on Haddish’s road to breakout stardom.”
– Bustle

“A joyful read in which her charismatic voice comes through even if you don’t listen to the audiobook.”
– Vulture

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