The Forgotten Kingdom by Signe Pike ePub

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The Forgotten Kingdom by Signe Pike ePub is the second in the Lost Queen trilogy and is set in 6th century Scotland. Languoreth is imprisoned in her chamber, and her husband and his men have set off to fight her twin brother Lailoken. Her young daughter Angharad is traveling with her uncle, training to be a wisdom keeper. There are many tribal rivalries, and followers of the old ways to find their beliefs challenged by Christians. Is Angharad dead, as Languoreth fears? Can any of these tribes co-exist when the desire for power is paramount? This book sweeps the reader away to another world, combining history with a compelling family saga. If you enjoyed The Mists of Avalon, consider embarking on this remarkable series.

The Forgotten Kingdom by Signe Pike ePub Book Details

  • Book Title: The Forgotten Kingdom
  • Series: The Lost Queen #2
  • Previous Books: The Lost Queen
  • Author: Signe Pike
  • Publish Date: September 15, 2020
  • ISBN: 9781501191473
  • Formats: PDF/ePub
  • No. of pages: 496
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Genre: Arthurian Fantasy, Historical Fantasy Fiction,
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Available for Download
  • Price: Free

The Forgotten Kingdom by Signe Pike ePub Book Summary

From the author of The Lost Queen**, hailed as “Outlander meets Camelot” (Kirsty Logan,** author of Things We Say in the Dark**) and “The Mists of Avalon for a new generation” (Linnea Hartsuyker, author of The Golden Wolf), a “rich, immersive” (Kirkus Reviews) new novel in which a forgotten queen of sixth century Scotland claims her throne as war looms and her family is scattered to the winds.**

AD 573. Imprisoned in her chamber, Languoreth awaits news in torment. Her husband and son have ridden off to war against her brother, Lailoken. She doesn’t yet know that her young daughter, Angharad, who was training with Lailoken to become a Wisdom Keeper, has been lost in the chaos. As one of the bloodiest battles of early medieval Scottish history abandons its survivors to the wilds of Scotland, Lailoken and his men must flee to exile in the mountains of the Lowlands, while nine year-old Angharad must summon all Lailoken has taught her to follow her own destiny through the mysterious, mystical land of the Picts.

In the aftermath of the battle, old political alliances unravel, opening the way for the ambitious adherents of the new religion: Christianity. Lailoken is half-mad with battle sickness, and Languoreth must hide her allegiance to the Old Way to survive her marriage to the next Christian king of Strathclyde. Worst yet, the new King of the Angles is bent on expanding his kingdom at any cost. Now the exiled Lailoken, with the help of a young warrior named Artur, may be the only man who can bring the warring factions together to defeat the encroaching Angles. But to do so, he must claim the role that will forever transform him. He must become the man known to history as “Myrddin.”

“Intrigue, rivalry, and magic among the mists of old Britain—The Forgotten Kingdom is an enchantment of a read!” (Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author).

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