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Ranger Apprentice Book 2 The Burning Bridge PDF Book Details

  • Book Title: The Burning Bridge
  • Series: Ranger’s Apprentice
  • Followed By: The Icebound Land
  • Author: John Flanagan
  • Publish Date: May 1, 2010
  • ISBN: 9781864715019
  • Formats: [PDF] [Epub]
  • No. of pages: 267
  • Size: 3.5 MB
  • Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fiction, Adventure
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Available for Download
  • Price: Free

The Burning Bridge Summary

One man may be deceit. Two can be conspiracy. Three is the number I trust.

As the Kingdom of Araluen prepares for war against Morgarath, Will and Horace accompany the Ranger Gilan on a mission to Celtica. But Celtica’s villages and mines are silent. Only an exhausted and starving girl called Evanlyn can tell them why: Morgarath has sent his foul creatures to enslave the Celts. While Gilan rides swiftly back to Araluen to report this news to the King, Will and Horace discover the true purpose behind Morgarath’s actions. The Kingdom is sure to be defeated in a surprise three-sided attack – unless they can find a way to prevent it.

The second book in the Australian and New York Times mega*-*selling series.

The Burning Bridge PDF Book Main characters

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  • Will

His parents deceased, Will grows up as an orphan in the Ward of Castle Redmont along with Alyss, Horace, George and Jenny. After being turned away from Battleschool by Sir Rodney for his small stature, he is taken on as an apprentice by the Ranger Halt. Will is intelligent, inquisitive and athletic, with a natural aptitude for climbing and stealth. He has brown hair that hangs unkempt around his face and deep brown eyes, sometimes mistaken for black.

  • Alyss

A longtime friend of Will and Horace, she is tall and slender with fair skin, light eyes, and long blonde hair. She has a diplomatic nature and carries herself with poise and grace. She displays sharp wit and cunning and, despite her gentle nature, holds herself well among her sometimes rough and impulsively passionate friends.

  • Horace

As a child, Horace had a tendency to pick on Will. He is accepted as an apprentice in Battleschool and shows an uncanny aptitude with the sword. As they age, the spats of their youth fade away and Horace and Will become best friends. He is a straightforward young man both in thought and attitude, favoring honor and displaying the strong ethics brought on by Battleschool training. He has an unparalleled appetite, pointed out on numerous occasions by his friends and much appreciated by Jenny.

  • Evanlyn/Cassandra

Cassandra, often known by the pseudonym Evanlyn when she wants her identity to remain secret, is the Crown Princess of Araluen and daughter of King Duncan. She is short in comparison to Alyss and has honey-colored hair and large green eyes. She quickly befriends Will and Horace, though develops a rivalry with Alyss. She is a natural leader, with an authoritative and often stubborn nature. She is dignified and quick-thinking and never one to shy away from an adventure. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and places great stock in trust and the value of her companions.

  • Halt

The object of many legends in the Kingdom, Halt prefers to keep to himself. These legends have preceded him and have been exaggerated, as is often so, such that many who meet him are surprised by his short and deceptively unassuming nature. While he is often viewed as standoffish and even dangerous, he enjoys the company of his cheerful and eager apprentice. Halt lives in a cottage at the edge of the fief, cutting his own dark hair with his knife and never seen out of his mottled green Ranger’s cloak. His dark beard is flecked with grey. He is sharp and perceptive, maintaining an air of constant vigilance and seriousness.

  • Gilan

Gilan is Halt’s previous apprentice and now a qualified Ranger. Gilan is the son of a well known knight in the kingdom. He was groomed for battle school and trained as a swordsman, though instead chose to become a Ranger. Accordingly, unlike most Rangers, he is an expert swordsman in addition to the bow. He has exceptional skills in stealth. He is very charismatic and known to tease his companions with good-natured humor.

  • Crowley

Crowley is the commandant of the Ranger Corps and bears many of the same characteristics as Halt. However he does display openly a sense of humor and fondness for his Rangers. He is a master strategist and is the master in the Corps at silent movement.

  • Jenny

One of the children who lived at the Ward in Redmont Fief, she is a full-figured, pretty-faced blonde with a bubbly personality and a love for cooking. She becomes an apprentice to the chef Master Chubb and later starts her own restaurant.

  • Tug

Tug is Will’s horse. He is shaggy grey and only slightly larger than a pony, though had been bred for incredible strength, stamina, and intelligence. He is trained to respond to an endless list of commands from his master and the bond between rider and horse is clear in the way that Tug never leaves Will’s side.

  • Madelyn (Maddie)

She is the daughter of Horace and Cassandra, and becomes the first female ranger. She is Will’s apprentice, and uses a sling in addition to traditional ranger weapons.

The second installment of Ranger’s Apprentice, The Burning Bridge continues the story of the young Ranger, Will and his master, Halt. In the everlasting Kingdom of Araluen, the people are safe from the enemies of Morgarath.
However, Will, Halt, and their companion, Horace, is sent to the neighboring city of Celtica to uncover disturbing truths that have passed by, and ongoing to the Kingdom of Araluen.

The Burning Bridge is a step-up from the previous book, The Ruins of Gorlan.
The Burning Bridge offers more to the story, with a deeper dive into the characters and their reactions. The story continues to move on, allowing for the characters to have a relative and in-depth behavior.

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