Principles of Marketing 17th Global Edition PDF

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Principles of Marketing 17th Global Edition PDF Book Description

Present five major themes using a clear and compelling customer-value approach

The text’s innovative customer-value and engagement framework ties together key concepts, and details how marketing creates customer value and captures value in return. From beginning to end, this marketing process model builds on five major customer value and engagement themes:

  • Creating value for customers in order to capture value in return
  • Engaging with customers using today’s digital and social media
  • Building and managing strong, value-creating brands
  • Measuring and managing return on marketing
  • Fostering sustainable marketing around the globe

New to Principles of Marketing 17th Global Edition PDF

  • Fresh coverage in both traditional marketing areas and on fast-changing and trending topics such as customer engagement marketing, mobile and social media, big data and the new marketing analytics, the Internet of Things and more, have been updated, and new examples have been added.
  • Chapter-opening vignettes offer an engaging, deeply developed, illustrated, and annotated marketing story that introduces the chapter material and sparks student interest.
  • 18 End-of-chapter Company Cases have been added, letting students apply what they’ve learned to actual company and brand situations.
  • Integrated chapter-opening preview sections start with a Chapter Preview, which briefly previews chapter concepts, links them with previous chapter concepts, and introduces the chapter-opening story.
  • Real-world marketing examples show concepts in action, and bring key course concepts to life. Each chapter-opening vignette and Real Marketing highlight is either new or has been updated to provide fresh and relevant insight.
  • Real Marketing highlights provide fresh insights into real marketing practices from all-stars like Emirates,Nestlé, Samsung, Apple,Zara, Lenovo, Philips, Ferrero,Uber, GE, and Mountain Dew.. · Facilitate critical thinking and discussion with 16 new Video Cases containing brief, end-of-chapter summaries and discussion questions. This section also helps students to keep track of and apply what they’ve learned in the chapter.
  • Discussions and examples of the growth in global marketing have been added.

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