Introduction to Operations Research 11th Edition PDF

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Operations Research 11th Edition PDF Free Download Details

  • Book Title: Introduction to Operations Research
  • Edition: 11 Edition
  • Author: Frederick Hillier and Gerald Lieberman
  • Published: 2021
  • ISBN: 9781259872990
  • Formats: PDF
  • No. of pages:
  • Size: 7 MB
  • Genre: Textbook
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Available for Download
  • Price: Free

Introduction to Operations Research 11th Edition PDF Book Description

For over four decades, Introduction to Operations Research PDF has been the classic text on operations research. While building on the classic strengths of the text, the author continues to find new ways to make the text current and relevant to students. One way is by incorporating a wealth of state-of-the-art, user-friendly software and more coverage of business applications than ever before. When the first co-author received the prestigious Expository Writing Award from INFORMS for a recent edition, the award citation described the reasons for the book’s great success as follows:

“Two features account for this success. First, the editions have been outstanding from students’ points of view due to excellent motivation, clear and intuitive explanations, good examples of professional practice, excellent organization of material, very useful supporting software, and appropriate but not excessive mathematics. Second, the editions have been attractive from instructors’ points of view because they repeatedly infuse state-of-the-art material with remarkable lucidity and plain language.”

Introduction to Operations Research 11th Edition PDF Table Of Contents

1) Introduction
2) Overview of How Operations Research and Analytics Professionals Analyze Problems
3) Introduction to Linear Programming
4) Solving Linear Programming Problems: The Simplex Method
5) The Theory of the Simplex Method

6) Duality Theory
7) Linear Programming under Uncertainty
8) Other Algorithms for Linear Programming
9) The Transportation and Assignment Problems
10) Network Optimization Models

11) Dynamic Programming
12) Integer Programming
13) Nonlinear Programming14) Metaheuristics
15) Game Theory

16) Decision Analysis
17) Queueing Theory
18) Inventory Theory
19) Markov Decision Processes
20) Simulation

Appendix 1 – Documentation for the OR Courseware
Appendix 2 – Convexity
Appendix 3 – Classical Optimization Methods
Appendix 4 – Matrices and Matrix Operations
Appendix 5 – Table for a Normal Distribution

About the Author

Frederick Hillier

Professor emeritus of operations research at Stanford University. Dr Hillier is especially known for his classic, award-winning text, Introduction to Operations Research, co-authored with the late Gerald J. Lieberman, which has been translated into well over a dozen languages and is currently in its 8th edition. The 6th edition won honourable mention for the 1995 Lanchester Prize (best English-language publication of any kind in the field) and Dr Hillier also was awarded the 2004 INFORMS Expository Writing Award for the 8th edition.

Introduction to Operations Research 11th Edition PDF
Introduction to Operations Research 11th Edition PDF

His other books include The Evaluation of Risky Interrelated Investments, Queueing Tables and Graphs, Introduction to Stochastic Models in Operations Research, and Introduction to Mathematical Programming. He received his BS in industrial engineering and doctorate specializing in operations research and management science from Stanford University. The winner of many awards in high school and college for writing, mathematics, debate, and music, he ranked first in his undergraduate engineering class and was awarded three national fellowships (National Science Foundation, Tau Beta Pi, and Danforth) for graduate study.

Dr Hillier’s research has extended into a variety of areas, including integer programming, queueing theory and its application, statistical quality control, and production and operations management. He also has won a major prize for research in capital budgeting.

Gerald Lieberman

1995 No primary address

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