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Moving, poignant, and ultimately redemptive, In an Instant is an unforgettable tale about grief, mortality, and what it means to be human. In an instant, lives are changed forever. Sixteen-year-old Finn is dead after a tragic car accident. Finn keeps vigil, watching as those she loves struggle to survive and move on with their lives. What happens next? Get the book below and find out!

In an Instant PDF Book Details

  • Book Title: In an Instant
  • Previous Books: None
  • Author: Suzanne Redfearn
  • Publish Date: March 1st, 2020
  • ASIN: B07NVD1276
  • Formats: PDF
  • No. of pages: 326 pages
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Genre: Psychological Fiction, Domestic Fiction
  • File Status: Available for Download
  • Price: Free

In an Instant PDF Book Synopsis

Life is over in an instant for sixteen-year-old Finn Miller when a devastating car accident tumbles her and ten others over the side of a mountain. Suspended between worlds, she watches helplessly as those she loves struggle to survive.

Impossible choices are made, decisions that leave the survivors tormented with grief and regret. Unable to let go, Finn keeps vigil as they struggle to reclaim their shattered lives. Jack, her father, who seeks vengeance against the one person he can blame other than himself; her best friend, Mo, who bravely searches for the truth as the story of their survival is rewritten; her sister Chloe, who knows Finn lingers and yearns to join her; and her mother, Ann, who saved them all but is haunted by her decisions. Finn needs to move on, but how can she with her family still in pieces?

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