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  • Book Title: Hunting by Stars
  • Series: The Marrow Thieves #2
  • Previous Book: The Marrow Thieves PDF
  • Author: Cherie Dimaline
  • Published: October 19th 2021
  • Goodreads Link: Hunting by Stars by Cherie Dimaline PDF
  • ISBN: 1419753479 (ISBN13: 9781419753473)
  • Formats: [PDF] [Epub]
  • No. of pages: 400
  • Size: 3 MB
  • Genre: Fiction, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Fantasy, LGBT
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Available
  • Price: $0

Hunting by Stars by Cherie Dimaline Summary

From the acclaimed author of The Marrow Thieves comes a thrilling new story about hope and survival that New York Times bestselling author Angeline Boulley called “a revelatory must-read”

Years ago, when plagues and natural disasters killed millions of people, much of the world stopped dreaming. Without dreams, people are haunted, sick, mad, unable to rebuild. The government soon finds that the Indigenous people of North America have retained their dreams, an ability rumored to be housed in the very marrow of their bones. Soon, residential schools pop up—or are re-opened—across the land to bring in the dreamers and harvest their dreams.

Seventeen-year-old French lost his family to these schools and has spent the years since heading north with his new found family: a group of other dreamers, who, like him, are trying to build and thrive as a community. But then French wakes up in a pitch-black room, locked in and alone for the first time in years, and he knows immediately where he is—and what it will take to escape. 

Meanwhile, out in the world, his found family searches for him and dodges new dangers—school Recruiters, a blood cult, even the land itself. When their paths finally collide, French must decide how far he is willing to go—and how many loved ones is he willing to betray—in order to survive. This engrossing, action-packed, deftly-drawn novel expands on the world of Cherie Dimaline’s award-winning The Marrow Thieves, and it will haunt readers long after they’ve turned the final page.

Hunting by Stars by Cherie Dimaline Review

Cherie Dimaline returns to the dystopian world she created in Marrow Thieves, where, after a plague, everyone but the indigenous lost their ability to dream, inflicting madness and more death upon an already hurting population. Unfortunately, what did this population do once it became obvious the indigenous weren’t similarly affected? Capture, extract the bone marrow from indigenous people and murder them. In fact, an entire operation, similar to the residential school system, was created to ensure a supply of marrow for the afflicted.

In book one, we met young Frenchie, a boy whose brother sacrificed himself to Recruiters (as the kidnappers are called) so Frenchie could escape. After falling in with a small group of other indigenous, Frenchie spends years on the run, learning a number of skills to help his group and making strong, loving bonds with these people.

When this book opens, Frenchie has been captured; he’s disoriented, terrified because though he doesn’t know where he is (except that it’s likely a marrow extraction facility), feeling very, very alone, and worried that his found family was also captured. Luckily, they weren’t, and they spend time looking for Frenchie while continuing to attempt to evade capture.

This book is so much darker than book one (I know, how much worse can the situation get for these characters?) This time, Dimaline puts a face to the captors and collaborators/appeasers. Dimaline also has Frenchie and Rose (who decides to leave the group to rescue Frenchie) discover just what they are prepared to do and what they are prepared to give of themselves when they encounter rationalizations and mounting danger, and others who stand in the way of their goals. Dimaline takes us to some disturbing places for and within these characters, but believable and tragic.

It’s not an easy book, as one sees the ease with which the racist captors diminish and murder a people, and the way some of the captives collaborate in the destruction of their own.
For all that, this is a compelling book — I tore through it, desperate to know how my favourite characters were going to survive this situation. I like Frenchie and Rose, but Miig! I love him so much, and this book shows us what a wonderful role model Miig is for Frenchie and the whole group.

I am so glad Cherie Dimaline decided to revisit this harrowing world so we could see what was next for her characters; though their situations were grim and scary, there is so much love within the group, and I’m glad we got to spend more time with these people.

Hunting by Stars by Cherie Dimaline PDF

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