Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets 9th Edition PDF Free

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Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets 9th Edition PDF Free covers the core material in Hull’s Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives in a way that’s easier for a larger audience of undergraduate students to understand.

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets 9th Edition PDF Book Description

For courses in derivatives, options and futures, financial engineering, financial mathematics, and risk management.

An Easily Understandable Introduction to Futures and Options Markets

Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets covers much of the same material as Hull’s acclaimed title, Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives. However, this text simplifies the language for a less mathematically sophisticated audience. Omitting calculus completely, the book is suitable for any graduate or undergraduate course in business, economics, and other faculties.

The Ninth Edition has a flexible structure that can be used for any course length. Instructors can choose to cover only the first 12 chapters, finishing with binomial trees, or to cover chapters 13-25 in a variety of different sequences. Each chapter from 18 onwards can be taught independently as its own unit. No matter how you elect to divide the material, Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets offers a wide audience a sound and easy-to-grasp introduction into financial mathematics.

New to Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets 9th Edition PDF

Streamlined Content

  • UPDATED! Streamlined material based on recent trends in the derivatives market makes the text both more appealing and logical.
    • The derivatives market’s move towards IOS discounting has continued since the last edition, and changes have been made to the first seven chapters to reflect this trend.
    • LIBOR discounting is no longer presented as a way to value instruments such as swaps and forward rate agreements. Instead, the valuation of these instruments requires a) forward rates for the rate used to calculate payments (usually LIBOR), and b) the zero-coupon, risk-free zero curve used for discounting (usually the OIS zero curve).

Information Throughout Has Been Brought Up-to-date

  • New regulations concerning the clearing and trading of OTC derivatives has been expanded on throughout the text.
  • REVISED! Chapter 7 on swaps has been majorly reworked to improve material presentation and reflect the derivatives market’s move to OIS discounting.
  • UPDATED! Discussion of the impact of daily settlement when futures contracts are used for hedging has been expanded.
  • UPDATED! Details on the calculation and use of Greek letters are included.
  • UPDATED! Discussion of the expected shortfall measure reflects its increasing importance in the field.

Table of Contents For Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets 9th Edition PDF

1. Introduction

2. Futures markets and central counterparties

3. Hedging strategies using futures

4. Interest rates

5. Determination of forward and futures prices

6. Interest rate futures

7. Swaps

8. Securitization and the credit crisis of 2007

9. Mechanics of options markets

10. Properties of stock options

11. Trading strategies involving options

12. Introduction to binomial trees

13. Valuing stock options: the Black–Scholes–Merton model

14. Employee stock options

15. Options on stock indices and currencies

16. Futures options and Black’s model

17. The Greek letters

18. Binomial trees in practice

19. Volatility smiles

20. Value at risk and expected shortfall

21. Interest rate options

22. Exotic options and other nonstandard products

23. Credit derivatives

24. Weather, energy, and insurance derivatives

25. Derivatives mishaps and what we can learn from them

Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets 9th Edition PDF Free

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