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Are you clueless about where to get Frank Wood Business Accounting 15th Edition PDF Free Download? Have you been searching for where to get Frank Wood Business Accounting 15th Edition PDF Volume 1 and 2? Would you like to download frank wood business accounting 1 15th Edition pdf and frank wood business accounting 2 15th Edition pdf book? Would you like to study with a book that covers all the relevant topics useful in the study of business accounting? Frank Wood Business Accounting 1 and 2 15th Edition PDF is a must-have book for any student and business professional who aim to learn all the accounting principles and practices applied in the study of accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management.

Table of Contents

Frank Wood’s Business Accounting 15th Edition PDF Book Details

  • Book Title: Frank Wood Business Accounting 1 15th Edition PDF
  • Edition: 15th Edition
  • Author: Frank Wood & Alan Sangster
  • Published by: Pearson Education
  • Pearson Link: Frank Wood’s Business Accounting, 15th Edition, 15th Edition
  • Publish Date: June 25, 2021
  • ISBN: 9781292365435, 9781292365510, 9781292365497
  • Formats: PDF
  • Genre: Textbook, Business
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Not Available for Download
  • Price: Free

Frank Wood Business Accounting 1 15th Edition PDF Book Description

For undergraduate degrees and professional courses in Accounting or Business.

Prepare for exams and learn essential accounting techniques with this bestselling and straight-forward introduction to financial accounting 

A well-structured, easy to read introduction to the subject. Packed full of examples, it is a must have for students and professionals alike. Dr Sarah Borthwick, Edinburgh Napier University 

Frank Woods Business Accounting, 15th edition, by Alan Sangster and Lewis Gordon is the worlds bestselling textbook on bookkeeping and accounting. It is an uncomplicated introduction to what financial accounting is and does, teaching accounting ideas and methods using a straight-forward style that is easy to digest for those learning about accounting for the first time.  

Used by generations of students and professionals across the globe, this book provides clear explanations of essential principles and concepts in accounting, including the meaning of important terminology, fundamental book-keeping and accounting techniques, the key financial statements, and the crucial importance of accounting to any business. 

Frank Wood Business Accounting 15th Edition PDF Features

Clearintroduction tokey principles of Financial Accounting 

  • Easy-to-read explanations are a hallmark of this textbook, meaning the subject can be picked up by those who have never studied accounting before.  
  • Topics are explained in short chapters that are easy to digest. 
  • Practise what you are learning through a wide range of in-chapter activities, which have answers in the book.  
  • Covers all the foundational financial accounting techniques required by major professional accountancy bodies. 

Enablegroup work and individual learning and revisionwithhelpful pedagogicalfeaturesseamlesslywoven into the text 

  • UPDATED – Practice is interspersed with the information in each chapter through a wide range of short in-chapter activities, which have the answers given in the book. These provide excellent opportunities to test students knowledge of core ideas and to develop critical thinking. 
  • UPDATED – Active learning of core accounting and bookkeeping methods and principles is encouraged through end-of-chapter review questions, over 100 of which are new to this edition, as well as a series of scenario questions and five banks of multiple-choice test questions.  
  • UPDATED Handy,briefintroductions and learning objectives at the outset of each chapter provide context and explainwhythe approach or topic in the chapter is significant, while diagrams and charts throughout the text illustrate processes and make conceptualdiscussionseasy to grasp.Chapters conclude with learning outcomesboxes containingkey points that students should have learned. 
  • UPDATED -A full set of solutions is provided, some within the book and some as a download available for lecturers, found in the Solutions Manual

Updatedcontent reflecting changesin thefield 

  • NEW-Three brand new chapters on the financial statements of companies, each one incorporating a bank of new end-of-chapter review questions, provide significantly enhanced coverage of this all-important topic. 
  • UPDATED-Accurate information that takes into account the latest International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), meaning the principles and methods in the book align more closely with professional practice. 

New to Frank Wood Business Accounting 1 15th Edition PDF

Expandedcontent on the topic of financial statements of companies and updates reflecting the latest developmentsin the professional practice of accounting 

  • Three brand new chapters on the financial statements of companies, each one incorporating a bank of new end-of-chapter review questions, provide significantly enhanced coverage of this all-important topic. 
  • Updates to this edition take account of the latest International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), meaning the principles and methods in the book align more closely with professional practice. 

Enablegroup work and individual learning & revisionwithan updated bank of end-of-chapter questions and additional self-test material 

  • End-of-chapter review questions, over 100 of which are new to this edition, encourage active learning of core accounting and book-keeping methods and principles, in addition to the five extensive sets of multiple-choice test questions and a series of scenario questions in the book. 

Fuller range of problems, exercises and case studies to assign in MyLab Accounting for practice or formative or summative assessment 

  • Increased for this edition, there are now over 740 exercises and problems in MyLab that can be selected and assigned for formative or summative work, including hundreds of algorithmic questions that require different numerical responses from different students. Students can view their results and progress and instructors can track student performance in the sophisticated Gradebook. New questions for this 15th edition include more challenging content and questions more suited to summative tests. 
  • In order to help students make links between the theory and applications in real-world decision-making, two new case studies have been added to this MyLab Accounting. Case studies detail the development of a fictional companys financials in order to illustrate important topics, and incorporate questions for discussion in class and multiple-choice questions which automatically grade and feed into the Gradebook. 
  • Enhanced in response to feedback from lecturers and teaching staff, the five financial problems that are completed in Microsoft Excel, called MyLab Excel Projects, have been upgraded to include new video links for students to access instructional videos on how to perform functions in Excel. Each MyLab Excel Project can be auto-graded in the MyLab Gradebook, allowing students to see in detail the formulas or data they input incorrectly and giving them the chance to improve. 

Table of Contents for Frank Wood Business Accounting 15th Edition PDF


Part 1 Introduction to financial accounting
The background and the main features of financial accounting
2 Recording transactions
3 Inventory
4 The effect of profit or loss on capital and the double entry system for expenses and revenues
5 Balancing-off accounts
6 The trial balance

Multiple-choice questions: Set 1

Part 2 The financial statements of sole proprietors
7 Income statements
8 Balance sheets
9 Income statements and balance sheets: further considerations
10 Accounting concepts and the conceptual framework

Part 3 Books and transactions
11 Books of original entry and ledgers
12 Cash books
13 The analytical petty cash book and the imprest system
14 Accounting for sales, purchases and returns
15 The journal
16 Value added tax (VAT)

Multiple-choice questions: Set 2

Part 4 Adjustments to financial statements
Maths for accounting
18 Inventory valuation
19 Bad debts, allowances for doubtful debts, and allowances for prompt payment discounts
20 Capital expenditure and revenue expenditure
21 Depreciation
22 Accruals and prepayments

Multiple-choice questions: Set 3

Part 5 Controls, checks and errors
Control accounts
24 Bank reconciliations
25 Errors not affecting the balancing of the trial balance
26 Suspense accounts and errors
27 Single entry and incomplete records

Scenario questions

Part 6 Further accounting procedures
28 Introduction to the statement of cash flows
29 Receipts and payments accounts and income and expenditure accounts
30 Joint ventures

Multiple-choice questions: Set 4

Part 7 Accounting for partnerships
31 Partnerships
32 Goodwill for sole proprietors and partnerships
33 Revaluation of partnership assets
34 Partnership dissolution

Part 8 Accounting for companies
Introduction to accounting for companies
36 The published financial statements of companies
37 The statement of cash flows for companies

Part 9 An introduction to financial analysis
Accounting ratios
39 Analysis and interpretation of financial statements

Part 10 Accounting today
Accounting today

Multiple-choice questions: Set 5

Answers to review questions
2 Answers to multiple-choice questions
3 Glossary


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