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Would you like to get Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards PDF Free Download? Have you been searching for where to get copywriting secrets Jim Edwards ePub? Well, right here on knowdemia, we’ve got you covered so, you are just a click away from getting Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards pdf download! Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards PDF Covers the main idea behind writing copy. Included easy to visualize concepts to help create copy relevant to the niche one is in. It’s a good beginner book. This book is a good intro to the concept and reason for copywriting. It is written in a conversational way, which is reasonable and speaks to the author’s niche audience.

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  • Book Title: Copywriting Secrets
  • Previous Books: Non
  • Author: Jim Edwards
  • Publish Date: December 12, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781640854642
  • Formats: PDF
  • No. of pages: 246
  • Size: 20 MB
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, Computers, Internet
  • Language: English
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Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards Book

What if you could sell anything to anyone?

Nobody is born knowing how to sell. But the truth is, you can learn how to sell more . . . a LOT more . . . when you discover the right words that make people buy.

Copywriting is selling. Whether online, offline, in video, direct mail, on Facebook, or from the stage, copywriting is how you put words together that make people click, call, or pull out their wallets and buy from you.

Whether you’re a coach, author, “funnel hacker”, ecommerce seller, or real estate agent, your ability to create sales copy that drives people to buy determines your paycheck, your lifestyle, and your family’s future.

In the fast-paced, attention-starved, social media driven world of business today, two facts about your ability to create sales messages (copywriting) stand out:

Fact #1: Great Copywriting = Incredible lifestyle, plenty of money, and freedom!
Fact #2: Poor Copywriting = Struggle forever and die poor!

Putting The Right Words On Paper And Online
Is The Single Most Profitable Skill Everyone Can Learn.

This book teaches you street-smart copywriting, which means this book teaches you how to get results today. (Because we all need to make more sales today . . . not tomorrow, not next week!)

If you’ve tried to write ads, emails, and sales letters for your business before and failed, this book is for you. If you need to make more sales—no matter what you sell or who you sell it to—this book is for you.

Bottom Line: If you want to make a lot more money, have a lot more time off, and enjoy a lot more freedom, this book is for you . . . especially if you’re not making as many sales as you want to right now.

Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards ePub

Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards Book Review and Summary

A great book on copywriting. It is written in a conversational way. Whether you are new or experienced in copywriting, you will get some gems out of this book. You will get a good understanding of what makes a good copy. There are good examples in the book. There are also exercises in the book that will help you with writing copies. People care about themselves only. To write a good copy, you need to understand their problems and emotions. Get inside their mind. Explain how will this benefit them and how it will help them solve their problems.

The Main Idea

Copywriting is salesmanship in print and persuasion in action. It’s anything of value you put together which invites and motivates the reader, the viewer, or the listener to take the next step.

The real art of copywriting is to make the copy you write “disappear” — to have content which is so interesting that people don’t even realize it is sales copy as they read your articles, watch your videos, or attend your presentations.

To achieve this, five types of secrets are involved:

The 5 Types of Copywriting Secrets

1. COPYWRITING MINDSET SECRETS. Copywriting is the most valuable skill you will ever learn. You can outsource it to others but the reality is you won’t know what works until you try version 1 and then start tweaking it. If you’re always waiting for others, it will slow everything down dramatically. Pay attention to what works and develop the copywriter’s mindset in everything you do.

2. SALES FORMULA/LETTER SECRETS. The great thing about copywriting is you don’t have to start from scratch. Great copy always leaves clues. Therefore, a good starting point for any copy you write is to look at the three sales formulas which never fail and the template for amazing sales letters. Use those as great launching pads rather than staring at a blank sheet of paper.

3. MAKE ‘EM THIRSTY SECRETS. To get people to buy whatever you’re selling, you’re going to have to make them thirsty — so they will buy faster. The best way to do that is to tell them any of four basic stories. Great stories will make people thirsty, and then great copy will tell people where to go to buy a drink. This is the pattern for success in copywriting.

4. SELL WITHOUT SELLING SECRETS. The secret to sell without selling is to embed “stealth closes” right into your sales copy. Follow the lead of Columbo. Advertising makes people raise their anti-sale defenses but if you sidle up to them and give them some value and then casually add a “By the way …” you can close them without any pressure closes. Brilliant.

5. COPY POLISHING SECRETS. The great thing about copywriting is there’s always something new to learn. Often, the most intensive learning won’t happen until you get your first draft out in the world and you start tweaking based on the feedback you get. It’s a process that never ends. Be a student of the art and science of copywriting and you’ll never run out of things to learn.

Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards PDF Free Download

This is a book that I would read again. To be good at copywriting, I really need to work on the exercises to build and make my copywriting muscles stronger. Copywriting is an art. It is a very useful skill. Like any skill, it can be learned. You will get better as you work on it.

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