A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market PDF

Are you new to the Stock Marke and would like to know the basics? Would you like to create real wealth in the stock market? A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market PDF is just the right book for you! A beginner’s guide to the Stock Market Everything You Need to Start Making Money Today is a book by Matthew R. Kratter Originally published on 21 May 2019. A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market Book Pdf is a very insightful book that would teach you the basics of stock trading, and help you to understand essential ideas of indexes, ETFs, etc If you are a beginner Pick this up and enjoy a couple of great insights.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market PDF Details

  • Book Title: A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market Matthew Kratter PDF
  • Author: Matthew R. Kratter
  • Goodreads Link: A beginner’s guide to the Stock Market by Matthew R. Kratter
  • Published: May 20th 2019
  • ISBN: May 20th 2019
  • Formats: [PDF] [Epub]
  • No. of pages: 79
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, Business, Economics
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Available
  • Price: $0

A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market Book PDF Summary

Learn to make money in the stock market, even if you’ve never traded before.
The stock market is the greatest opportunity machine ever created.
Are you ready to get your piece of it?
This book will teach you everything that you need to know to start making money in the stock market today.
Don’t gamble with your hard-earned money.
If you are going to make a lot of money, you need to know how the stock market really works.
You need to avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes that beginners make.
And you need time-tested trading and investing strategies that actually work.
This book gives you everything that you will need.
It’s a simple road map that anyone can follow.

A Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market PDF

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to grow your money the smart and easy way
  • The best place to open up a brokerage account
  • How to buy your first stock
  • How to generate passive income in the stock market
  • How to spot a stock that is about to explode higher
  • How to trade momentum stocks
  • Insider tricks used by professional traders
  • The one thing you should never do when buying value stocks (don’t start investing until you read this)
  • How to pick stocks like Warren Buffett
  • How to create a secure financial future for you and your family
  • And much, much more

Even if you know nothing at all about the stock market, this book will get you started investing and trading the right way.

Join the thousands of smart traders and investors who have profited from this ultimate guide to the stock market.

Amazon best-selling author and retired hedge fund manager, Matthew Kratter will teach you the secrets that he has used to trade and invest profitably for the last 20 years.
Even if you are a complete beginner, this book will have you trading stocks in no time.
Are you ready to get started creating real wealth in the stock market?
Then scroll up and click BUY NOW to get started today.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market Review

A Great First Book on Stock Market Investing

As it stands right now, this is the first book I’m going to recommend to friends to read about investing. It’s all very simple and easy to read. It’s also a great book to go back over, as there are a lot of little tidbits about the philosophy of investing in every chapter worth remembering. I particularly liked the section on the things you DON’T do when investing. It actually helped me make a decision about a stock in my portfolio (Ford) and I’m happy with the decision.

Unlike most stock market beginner books that spend far too much time explaining what a share of stock is, this book mostly jumps straight to the point and provides brief examples of the respective strategies. The chapters cover Indexing, Dividend Stocks, Warren Buffett, Value Investing, IPO’s, Call Options, Day Trading, beginner mistakes, Growth Stocks, and Insider Secrets. The chapter on Growth Stocks is by far the most detailed and useful. The rest of the chapters, while interesting, amount to tidbits.

The author knows what he’s talking about. Especially when it comes to growth stocks and momentum investing. I know from watching his YouTube channel that he has a dim view of Warren Buffett and Value Investing. That’s ok, everyone has an opinion. I personally admire Warren Buffett and the tremendous success he has achieved. But that’s not going to prevent me from appreciating Matthew’s book.

I’d give it 5 stars but there was a proofreading error that should have been caught in a book this short, and the section on calls and puts could be clarified a bit more for new people. To be fair though, I’ve never read or watched anything that made it make perfect sense, and he even says you will learn more by doing it than by trying to learn about it.

Another reason for the 4-star rating is there’s not much on technical or fundamental analysis. I understand that it’s a bit beyond the scope of a beginner’s book, but I think dipping our toes into concepts like how to read a candlestick chart and what the most important parts of fundamental analysis are would be VERY useful in a book like this. It would also be great if was more engaging with questiones at the end of every chapter to help us to recall.

Conclusion / Recommendation

Overall though, it’s a solid short read that anyone can absorb within a day to get their bearings straight right from the get-go of investing. Some people have said it’s not as good as YouTube videos or other things but I personally disagree. If you’re new to investing, a book like this is essential. It goes over the main components of investing and further reinforces what you need to be learning, and he does so with this book in a simple, easy way to understand. I think of it as a very nice/distilled version of a bunch of different YouTube videos and articles that are all beneficial. 

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