Violeta by Isabel Allende Audiobook Free

Are you a big fan of Isabel Allende books? Would you like to get her latest book Violeta by Isabel Allende Audiobook Free download? Well, if are a fan of Isabel Allende and you would like to get this amazing book, then you are in the right place! Violeta is a 2022 novel by Chilean-American novelist Isabel Allende. Imagine living 100 years … one complete century of, not only your own life evolving and changing, but your country and the world around you as well. What stories would you have to tell about what you’d lived through and experienced, and what would you leave to those who continue on after you?

Violeta del Valle was born in Chile during the Spanish Flu pandemic and she dies during the Coronavirus pandemic, but what an incredible life she lives between them! This work of historical fiction reads much like an actual memoir, written by Violeta in a long letter to her beloved grandson, Camilo.

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Violeta by Isabel Allende Audiobook Free Download Details

  • Book Title: Violeta Audiobook
  • Author: Isabel Allende, Frances Riddle
  • Narrated by: Yareli Arizmendi
  • Published: January 25, 2022
  • Goodreads Link: Violeta by Isabel Allende Audiobook
  • ISBN: 9780593558867
  • Listening Length: 12 hours and 59 minutes
  • Format: Mp3
  • Size: 654.0 MB
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Feminism, Adult Fiction, Contemporary
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Available
  • Price: $0

Violeta by Isabel Allende Audiobook Summary

This sweeping novel from the New York Times best-selling author of A Long Petal of the Sea tells the epic story of Violeta Del Valle, a woman whose life spans 100 years and bears witness to the greatest upheavals of the 20th century.

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Violeta comes into the world on a stormy day in 1920, the first girl in a family with five boisterous sons. From the start, her life is marked by extraordinary events, for the ripples of the Great War are still being felt, even as the Spanish flu arrives on the shores of her South American homeland almost at the moment of her birth.

Through her father’s prescience, the family will come through that crisis unscathed, only to face a new one as the Great Depression transforms the genteel city life she has known. Her family loses everything and is forced to retreat to a wild and beautiful but remote part of the country. There, she will come of age, and her first suitor will come calling.

She tells her story in the form of a letter to someone she loves above all others, recounting times of devastating heartbreak and passionate affairs, poverty and wealth, terrible loss and immense joy. Her life is shaped by some of the most important events of history: the fight for women’s rights, the rise and fall of tyrants, and ultimately not one, but two pandemics.

Through the eyes of a woman whose unforgettable passion, determination, and sense of humour carry her through a lifetime of upheaval, Isabel Allende once more brings us an epic that is both fiercely inspiring and deeply emotional.

Violeta by Isabel Allende Audiobook Review

Review by Bookishrealm [From Goodreads]

This was my first book by Isabel Allende and she made me cry like a baby. I didn’t expect to have such an emotional reaction to this novel, but I did and it was worth every single tear.

Violeta is a story that travels through the lifetime of the character Violeta. It begins with her birth in South America in 1920 just as the Spanish Flu hits. While her family is unaffected by it, things change as the world is brought to its knees by the Great Depression. It is starting here that Violeta experiences such loss and change. Her family moves to a more isolated area where she grows up and takes readers on the journey through her life.

Each part of this book is written in letter format to someone that Violeta loves greatly. While I won’t say who that is here because I don’t want to spoil the novel, it definitely makes for an intriguing story that comes full circle. One of the things that made me fall in love with this novel was the quiet, patient writing that I got on each page. It travels through 100 years of time, but I was able to soak up every event with such clarity and precision. It almost felt as though Violeta was writing the letters to me. There is a paralleling of events that take place in Violeta’s life.

Though readers spend time learning about the men she loves, her children, people within her community, Allende is also careful in covering the major political events that occurred at the same time including the women’s suffrage movement, the Cuban revolution, the Great Depression, the Chilean dictatorship, and more. As someone who is a huge history nerd, I appreciated getting that history within the context of the story.

Violeta by Isabel Allende Audiobook Free
Violeta by Isabel Allende Audiobook Free

I think the beauty of this novel is really the idea that all things come full circle. Readers learn so much about Violeta’s life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. At the beginning of the novel, she is writing from 2020 during the midst of the COVID pandemic. To see her journey through those 100 years was such a privilege for me as a reader. She evolves as many of us do from a child who has everything to one who had to start over.

She has a fiery personality and never seems to do anything whether it’s a general task or a relationship without passion. Most of all she’s human. Like her triumphs, Violeta also acknowledges her shortcomings. It is a beautiful tale of a woman who decided to live her life on her own terms and not solely on the expectations of others. I connected with this in so many ways. The beauty and grace in the writing are sure to appeal to many readers. If you haven’t considered picking this up be sure to add it to your TBR.

About the Author [Isabel Allende]

Isabel Allende Llona is a Chilean-American novelist. Allende, who writes in the “magic realism” tradition, is considered one of the first successful women novelists in Latin America. She has written novels based in part on her own experiences, often focusing on the experiences of women, weaving myth and realism together. She has lectured and done extensive book tours and has taught literature at several US colleges. She currently resides in California with her husband. Allende adopted U.S. citizenship in 2003.

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