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Do oyou love witchy stories? well, If you answered yes, you might want to download The Once and Future Witches Audiobok Free. THE ONCE AND FUTURE WITCHES is an anthology of witchy historical fiction stories that combines romance, magic, feminism, and pop culture in twenty-first century America. The latest anthology in the critically acclaimed Once Upon a Time series.

THE ONCE AND FUTURE WITCHES Audio book brings together for the first time in print twenty-six tales of magic, mystery, and mischief spanning across time, allowing readers to indulge their magical selves in all kinds of amazing worlds. The story was well-written and it had such an incredible world, that I mean that in both a literal and figurative sense. There was such vivid imagery that rose up from the pages so much so to the point where I felt like I was right there. It’s a book you shouldn’t miss for anything.

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Below are the details for The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow Audio book Free Download:

  • Book Title: The Once and Future Witches Audiobook
  • Author: Alix E. Harrow
  • Published: October 13, 2020
  • Goodreads Link: The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow
  • ISBN: 9780356512488
  • Formats: Mp3
  • No. of pages: 517¬†pages
  • Size: 3 MB
  • Genre: Fantasy, Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction, Paranormal, SCI-FI
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Not Available
  • Price: $0

The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow Audiobook Summary

‘Glorious . . . a tale that will sweep you away’ Yangsze Choo, New York Times bestselling author of The Night Tiger

‘A gorgeous and thrilling paean to the ferocious power of women’ Laini Taylor, New York Times bestselling author of Strange the Dreamer

In 1893, there’s no such thing as witches. There used to be, in the wild, dark days before the burnings began, but now witching is nothing but tidy charms and nursery rhymes. If the modern woman wants any measure of power, she must find it at the ballot box.

But when the three Eastwood sisters join the suffragists of New Salem, they begin to pursue the forgotten ways that might turn the women’s movement into the witch’s movement. Stalked by shadows and sickness, hunted by forces who will not suffer a witch to vote – and perhaps not even to live – the sisters must delve into the oldest magics, draw new alliances, and heal the bond between them if they want to survive.

There’s no such thing as witches. But there will be.

Praise for The Once and Future Witches:

‘A brilliant dazzle of a book . . . I devoured it in enormous gulps, and utterly loved it’ Kat Howard, author of The Unkindness of Ghosts

‘Compelling, exhilarating and magical – a must-read’ Booklist (starred review)

‘Delightful . . . a tale of women’s battle for equality, of fairy tales twisted into wonderfully witchy spells, of magics both large and small, and history re-imagined’ Louisa Morgan, author of A Secret History of Witches

‘A love letter to folklore and the rebellious women of history’ Publishers Weekly

‘A breathtaking book – brilliant and raw and dark and complicated’ Sarah Gailey, author of Magic for Liars

The Once and Future Witches Audiobook Free

The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow AudioBook Review

I knew I would enjoy this book, but I didn’t predict just how much I would come to love it. When the suffragette movement inspires a witchy revolution in the town of New Salem, a whole host of characters are pulled into this web of words and will. Not only was it a story of witchcraft, but a story of sisterhood and wayward families. It was a story that proved how sheer willpower alone can make a person very, very powerful.

The thing that instantly pulled me in was the writing style. Alix E. Harrow’s way with words is truly something worth reading. Her descriptions flow so smoothly despite being more picturesque than most, and with a hint of cleverness that proved fun to spot. Imagery would be woven between the three sisters, adapting slightly for each one’s situation – for instance, the metaphor of despair as a black dog weaving around them all. The way their stories are inherently tied together, through thick and thin, made such imagery feel folkloric and gave it the exact ancient storyteller vibe it wanted.

The twists in folklore itself was a fun addition too, with famous fairytales retold and twisted to foreshadow the events of the book, or famous people genderbent but recognisable as fun easter eggs. The Brothers Grimm, for instance, became The Sisters Grimm and the basis to a lot of the witchcraft within the story. Children’s rhymes became spells, and everything seemed at once both uncannily mundane but magical at the same time. It really was quite a feat to accomplish.

As was the natural incorporation of so many characters. While we have our three sisters leading the way, each one come across a circle of characters that all contribute something to the story. At first I did hesitate when it came to character building, believing the Eastwood sisters to be a tad closer to caricatures than characters due to their distinctly set personalities as “the wise one, the maternal one, and the outrageous one”. But as the story progressed, their characters were built upon and adapted in ways that made me forget I ever questioned it.

The same happened with all the side characters – they all felt purposeful, and like well-rounded characters with clear personalities and interests. I was impressed by the ability to not only keep track of them all but also make them seem relevant and necessary.

I honestly just loved so much about this book. A slow rise towards revolution, made with so many important acknowledgements about who’s involved and the ebb and flow of change, this book showed so may variations behind the word “revolution”. The thought of magic being this accessible too proved to be quite a comforting thought, only bolstered by the family dynamics and loyalty providing the very foundation of this book.

While it has its darkness and shows the negative aspects of society along the way, it really is a book you can easily fall into, get behind the motivations, and cheer on the characters along the way. It left me with a contented feeling, and one that I’ll remember for a good long while.

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