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The Next Millionaire Next Door Audiobook Free Download Details

  • Book Title: The Next Millionaire Next Door Audiobook
  • Author: Thomas J. Stanley, Sarah Stanley Fallaw
  • Narrated by: Stephen Wojtas
  • Published: 07-23-19
  • Goodreads Link: The Next Millionaire Next Door: Enduring Strategies for Building Wealth Audiobook
  • ISBN: 1493035363 (ISBN13: 9781493035366)
  • Formats: Mp3
  • Length: 7 hrs and 11 mins
  • Size: 213 MB
  • Genre: Non-fiction, Economics, Personal Finance, Business, Self Help
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Available
  • Price: $0

The Next Millionaire Next Door Audiobook Summary

Over the past 40 years, Tom Stanley and his daughter Sarah Stanley Fallaw have been involved in research examining how self-made, economically successful Americans became that way. 

Despite the publication of The Millionaire Next DoorThe Millionaire Mind, and others, myths about wealth in America still abound. Government officials, journalists, and many Americans still tend to confuse income with wealth. A new generation of household financial managers are hearing from so-called experts in personal financial management due to the proliferation of the cottage industry of financial blogs, podcasts, and the like. In many cases, these outlets are simply experiences shared without science and case studies without data based on broader populations. Therefore, the authors decided to take another look at millionaires in the United States to examine what changes could be seen 20 years after the original publication of The Millionaire Next Door.

In this audiobook, the authors highlight how specific decisions, behaviors, and characteristics align with the discipline of wealth building, covering areas such as consumption, budgeting, careers, investing, and financial management in general. They include results from quantitative studies of wealth as well as case studies of individuals who have been successful in building wealth. They discuss general paths to building wealth on your own, focusing specifically on careers and lifestyles associated with each path, and what it takes to be successful in each.

The Next Millionaire Next Door Book Review

Below are some The Next Millionaire Next Door Book Reviews [From Goodreads]

The 1996 The Millionaire Next Door was an eye opening mindset shift.
The Next Millionaire Next Door is a compilation of insights and behavior over the past 20 years. Daughter, Sarah Stanley Fallaw, of Thomas J Stanley does a great job of organizing and sharing the information gathered by Dr. Stanley before he was killed by a drunk driver in 2015. The behaviors and mindsets of wealth builders is mostly unchanged, but the rise in technology opportunities available today give a wider opportunity for wealth builders to control their savings and investing strategies. Informative, encouraging and enlightening.

Victoria [From Goodreads]

Good update to the original, but re-hashed a lot of the original concepts. It was interesting to see an update and how the behavioral trends have changed over time, but generally what worked in 1996 works today. Worth a read, but you just have to look past the constant references to “My Father”, which would have better been stated as the name of the original author. Good overall and worth the read if you’ve read the original The Millionaire Next Door.

Blake Brashear [From Goodreads]
The Next Millionaire Next Door Audiobook Free
The Next Millionaire Next Door Audiobook Free

In this book Thomas Stanley’s son and daughter take over the ideas that he had discovered in 1996. They examined many of his findings 20 years later to see if any of them have changed. Spoiler, they haven’t. It was a good book I think I liked the original better. Worth a reread in a couple years.

Adam [From Goodreads]

This is an easy read and a great book. Most people think of extravagance and worldly possessions when they think of millionaires. This book shows how everyday people live in stealth wealth, without all the hoopla. Great tips to being an accumulator of wealth instead of things.

Kam [From Goodreads]

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