Letters to the Daughter I Never Had Audiobook Free

Would you like to get Letters to the Daughter I Never Had Audiobook Free Download? Have you been searching for where to get Dear Sonali, Letters to the Daughter I Never Had by Lynn Toler Audiobook? Relax, this post is for you! Letters to the Daughter I Never Had Audiobook is a 2022 self-Help book by Lynn Toler. This book is filled with life changing quotes. Don’t highlight because you’ll highlight everything. Great lessons for girls of all ages. It’s a book you shouldn’t miss for anything.

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Letters to the Daughter I Never Had Book Summary

Dear Sonali, is a passion project from the TV’s Divorce Court Host. Seeking to share her mother’s wisdom with a daughter of her own, this mother of six boys has written letters for young women to help them grow, conquer and thrive. From money to men, to passion and profession Judge Lynn gives her best advice From he particular point of view. At once, practical, methodical and motivational, Judge Lynn shares the best she has with all of the women that call her The Auntie in Their Head or Mom2. 

Letters to the Daughter I Never Had Book Review

Reviews From Goodreads

It was amazingI love Judge Lynn Toler. I watch her show Divorce Court. She can take all of your complicated thoughts/relationships and simplify them in a way that makes sense. I loved this book. I felt connected to who she is. I think she did an awesome job at reading the room (the world). I think anyone can take a few gems from this book. No matter where you are in life. No matter what age. As long as you are open to receiving.

Stephanie Lozano

In this excellent collection of letters to the daughter she never had, Judge Lynn Toler offers life advice, much of it based on what her own mother taught her, from managing your own mental health to relationships. Although it is aimed at women in their 20s, many other readers can benefit from the judge’s words of wisdom. If you’re familiar with ‘Divorce Court’, you’ll easily hear her voice narrating those words to you, including the tough love.


Judge Toler does a terrific job of giving the advice that only a mother who loves and wants the best for you can. At times, we all can use a nudge in the right direction or words of wisdom that gives us the courage we sometimes need to fly. If you’re at a crossroad in your life and unsure which way to travel, or if you’re simply tired of repeating mistakes that keep you in the same position, this book may just be for you. Whether it’s love & marriage, love & divorce, chasing your dreams, or getting out of your own way, Judge Toler has advice for you. Would recommend!

Chasity Colomb
Letters to the Daughter I Never Had Audiobook Free
Letters to the Daughter I Never Had Audiobook Free

I absolutely adore Judge lynn, she’s a fantastic role-model. I loved this memoir/ self-help book. Although I may not necessary agree with everything in it, I think a lot of women need to hear her message of “put yourself first, focus on your success first.” I watch Divorce Court frequently and I can see why Judge lynn felt the need to really lecture on “don’t stay with a cheater, don’t stay if you’re unhappy because of the time invested, use birth control, don’t depend on anyone for all of your money and security…etc” it was common sense to me but not to a lot of individuals. Great advice!


Awesome read!

Reading this book felt like I was having random dialogues with my mom. It gave good advise to young women which some otherwise would not have access to. Thank you Mrs. Toler for this. Definitely recommend to purchase this book.


This book was on my TBR (to be read) list for a long time. Mrs. Toler’s words of wisdom felt like my mama, grandma, or even an aunt was talking to me. The same way that she was on Divorce Court, she exemplifies the same wisdom and energy in the book. Every word in this book can be used in every walk of life. From relationships, jobs, money, parenting, motivation, etc, all women regardless of age, income, relationship status, etc can and will gain a better understanding of life after reading this book. I will be buying my own personal copy just to flag and highlight certain portions because there are so many good gems in this book. If you’re looking for a no non-sense self help guide (as if your mama was giving you a “talking to”), then, Dear Sonali is the book for you. 

Ke’Antrice Lamb 

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