Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Audiobook Download

Audiobook Details

  • by J.K. Rowling
  • series Harry Potter #6
  • ISBN: 9781781102688
  • Language: English
  • File size: 3GB


There it was, hanging in the sky above the school: the blazing green skull with a serpent tongue, the mark Death Eaters left behind whenever they had entered a building… wherever they had murdered…

When Dumbledore arrives at Privet Drive one summer night to collect Harry Potter, his wand hand is blackened and shrivelled, but he does not reveal why. Secrets and suspicion are spreading through the wizarding world, and Hogwarts itself is not safe. Harry is convinced that Malfoy bears the Dark Mark: there is a Death Eater amongst them. Harry will need powerful magic and true friends as he explores Voldemort’s darkest secrets, and Dumbledore prepares him to face his destiny…

Download Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Audiobook Below.

Chapter 01 – The Other Minister download 6.5M

Chapter 02 – Spinner’s End download 6.8M

Chapter 03 – Will and Won’t download 6.3M

Chapter 04 – Horace Slughorn download 7.7M

Chapter 05 – An Excess of Phlegm download 7.5M

Chapter 06 – Draco’s Detour download 7.2M

Chapter 07 – The Slug Club download 7.7M

Chapter 08 – Snape Victorious download 5.1M

Chapter 09 – The Half-Blood Prince download 7.3M

Chapter 10 – The House of Gaunt download 7.6M

Chapter 11 – Hermione’s Helping Hand download 6.1M

Chapter 12 – Silver and Opals download 6.5M

Chapter 13 – The Secret Riddle download 7.0M

Chapter 14 – Felix Felicis download 8.0M

Chapter 15 – The Unbreakable Vow download 7.3M

Chapter 16 – A Very Frosty Christmas download 7.5M

Chapter 17 – A Sluggish Memory download 7.9M

Chapter 18 – Birthday Surprises download 8.2M

Chapter 19 – Elf Tails download 7.4M

Chapter 20 – Lord Voldemort’s Request download 8.3M

Chapter 21 – The Unknowable Room download 6.8M

Chapter 22 – After the Burial download 7.6M

Chapter 23 – Horcruxes download 7.4M

Chapter 24 – Sectumsempra download 7.4M

Chapter 25 – The Seer Overhead download 6.1M

Chapter 26 – The Cave download 8.0M

Chapter 27 – The Lightning-Struck Tower download 5.8M

Chapter 28 – Flight of the Prince download 4.6M

Chapter 29 – The Phoenix Lament download 7.1M

Chapter 30 – The White Tomb 7.2M


Listen Below

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