Girls Can Kiss Now by Jill Gutowitz Audibook Free

Would you like to get Girls Can Kiss Now by Jill Gutowitz Audiobook Free? Do you follow Jill Gutowitz? well, If you are a fan of Jill Gutowitz and you would like to get Girls Can Kiss Now by Jill Gutowitz Audiobook Free Download then you are in the right place. Jill Gutowitz’s essay collection, Girls Can Kiss Now, is part memoir, part social commentary, and partly a lens into pop culture. This collection of essays is a delightful read. Most of the essays deal with pop culture and lesbian representation in the media. Gutowitz is even sharper, funnier, and more insightful in essay form than in the 280-character limit dictated by Twitter. If you’re looking for a quick but engrossing and thought-provoking read to pull you out of the pandemic doldrums, this is the one.

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  • Book Title: Girls Can Kiss Now Audiobook
  • Author: Jill Gutowitz
  • Narrator: Jill Gutowitz
  • Published: March 8th 2022
  • Goodreads Link: Girls Can Kiss Now by Jill Gutowitz Audiobook
  • ISBN: 9781982158507
  • Formats: Mp3
  • Listening Length: 7 hours and 4 minutes
  • Size: 5 MB
  • Genre: Humor, Biography
  • Language: English
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Girls Can Kiss Now by Jill Gutowitz AudioBook Summary

Named One of the Most Anticipated Books of 2022 byVogueBuzzFeedBustleMarie ClaireHarper’s BazaarElectric LitThrillist, and Glamour

“Wickedly funny and heartstoppingly vulnerable…every page twinkles with brilliance.” —Refinery29

Perfect for fans of Samantha Irby and Trick Mirror, a funny, whip-smart collection of personal essays exploring the intersection of queerness, relationships, pop culture, the internet, and identity, introducing one of the most undeniably original new voices today.

Jill Gutowitz’s life—for better and worse—has always been on a collision course with pop culture. There’s the time the FBI showed up at her door because of something she tweeted about Game of Thrones. The pop songs that have been the soundtrack to the worst moments of her life. And of course, the pivotal day when Orange Is the New Black hit the airwaves and broke down the door to Jill’s own sexuality. In these honest examinations of identity, desire, and self-worth, Jill explores perhaps the most monumental cultural shift of our lifetimes: the mainstreaming of lesbian culture. Dusting off her own personal traumas and artifacts of her not-so-distant youth she examines how pop culture acts as a fun house mirror reflecting and refracting our values—always teaching, distracting, disappointing, and revealing us.

Girls Can Kiss Now is a fresh and intoxicating blend of personal stories, sharp observations, and laugh-out-loud humor. This timely collection of essays helps us make sense of our collective pop-culture past even as it points the way toward a joyous, uproarious, near—and very queer—future.

Girls Can Kiss Now by Jill Gutowitz Audibook Free
Girls Can Kiss Now by Jill Gutowitz Audibook Free

Girls Can Kiss Now by Jill Gutowitz Book Review

Review by Christina [From Goodresds]

I have been following Jill Gutowitz on Twitter for a while now, and she always brings hilarious pop culture commentary. Her first book is a major achievement in humour and pop culture analysis and reading it brought an almost constant smile of recognition and joy to my face.

Our funny and charming friend Jill (I say “friend” because her book communicates a sense of warmth and intimacy that really makes you feel like she’s your friend) started out in a childhood where she wondered “can girls kiss each other?” while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Britney videos. Her experience with popular culture contributed greatly to her sexual awakening as a lesbian, and really had a lot to do with Britney and Taylor Swift. Here Gutowitz provides hilarious analysis of key lesbian/bi moments in popular culture, like paparazzi pics of Lindsay Lohan with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson (I had almost forgotten about her!) and of course detailed analysis of the Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift “friendship” – an issue which obsessed many of us Swifties for years.

Probably my favourite part of the book makes explicit the difference between people “outing” gay celebs (mostly straight folks but also people like Perez Hilton back in the day) — and then those people like Jill, especially when she was young, whose obsession over lesbian themes, couplings and conspiracies (a la Taylor Swift) in pop culture adds to an overall sense of belonging and feeling understood and seen for girls who are gay, bi, or questioning.

This is a sensitive, intimate, laugh-out-loud funny book. You don’t need to be gay, bi, questioning or non-binary to love it — Jill’s charm, humour and explanations of her coming out will resonate with anyone ready to join her in her journey through her teenage years. But if you do have a deep visceral understanding of the sexual appeal of Taylor/Karlie, Xena Warrior Princess, Buddy the Vampire Slayer, and other key female touchstones of the 90s? This book is DEFINITELY for you.

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