How to Become a Billionaire as a Kid

How to become a Billionaire as a Kid! One of the most common questions I see asked on various blogs is how do I become a millionaire. If you are reading this blog then it’s safe to say that YOU are also wondering how you can become a billionaire, or perhaps even “how can kids become millionaires”. Who wouldn’t want to be one of the richest people in the world? But I decided to take it one step further and give you some simple keys on how almost anyone can become a billionaire as long as they follow some very basic rules that usually work.

Have you ever wondered how to be rich like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Donald Trump? What if I told you it was all possible. No matter what age you are or where you live in the world, you can become a billionaire. Here is a list of ways on how to become rich as a teenager at home.

Have you ever wondered how to become a billionaire as a kid? If you have been thinking about how to be a billionaire as a teenager, a college student or a college graduate then you have come to the right place. Just follow my instructions and soon you will be a billionaire.

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Financial Literacy

While this one should go without saying, you need to teach your children about the intricacies of money right from the start. From basic principles like interest and public markets, to more advanced topics like holding companies and other asset protection strategies, their financial education should be both broad and deep.

If this isn’t your forte, never fear. People like Thomas J. StanleyRobert KiyosakiCharles Munger, and even Tony Robbins have done an excellent job covering these things thoroughly and intelligently.

Teach them about money early on.

Parents of successful children often share common threads in their parenting styles. One of them is that they all teach children the value of money at a young age. While there are many things you can do for your kids yourself, eventually, they’ll need to become self-sufficient managers of their own finances.

When that happens, they should be armed with a solid education about what to do, what not to do, and the resources available to them. They need to learn about saving, budgeting, bills, investing, managing credit cards, retirement, and goal-setting if you want them to achieve their money-making dreams.

A Love of Learning

I’ve yet to meet a wealthy person who wasn’t well read and intensely curious. While some elements of this may be innate, you can foster a love of learning by introducing your children to new places and ideas (both of which books can easily satisfy), and by answering their questions thoughtfully.ALSO READ:   Best LMS Software For Business

Never resort to answering a question with “just because” when you could make it a teaching opportunity instead. If you can’t answer a question, go search for the answer together. If your children learn that questions are met with answers or the pursuit of answers instead of dead ends, they will be infinitely more likely to remain curious, and curiosity is at the heart of a love of learning.

Warn against instant gratification.

We all know “patience is a virtue,” but that’s especially true when it comes to money. Everything from our groceries to our furniture can be delivered to our homes almost instantly, so it can be frustrating to watch the slow progression of a savings account or investments. Teaching your child how to slow down, wait for what they want, and to anticipate exciting things will be key once they enter the workforce.

Systems Thinking

Very little in life is black and white, and understanding the intricacies of business, society, and life in general is extremely helpful in the pursuit of wealth. Help your children to become strategists, people capable of seeing how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, because those are the people who tend to achieve the greatest success.

Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Leonardo da Vinci; history remembers strategists for a reason. Introducing your children to chess or brain teasers at an early age can help immensely with this (IQ isn’t set in stone, and can be positively influenced with the right mental training.)

Money Making Ideas That Kids Can Start TODAY!!!

Start a Blog

Starting your own blog can be very lucrative.

There are several ways to monetize a blog. Your potential income depends entirely on how large your audience is. While some bloggers take years to find their niche and build up a following, others can start making some income pretty fast. All it takes is some good content that people want to see.

Ways I make money with my blog

#1 – Affiliate marketing. When someone clicks on one of my links and then buys something. Example: I recommend Bluehost. If you buy hosting through those links, I will get a small commission. Read more about affiliate marketing.ALSO READ:   Pic Collage Maker Online

#2 – Ads. There’s not many ads on this site, but I do get paid every time someone clicks on them. You can use Google Adsense or other ad networks.

#3 – Sponsored posts. This is when a company pays for a post to written promoting their business on your site.

The beauty of starting a blog is that there’s no age requirement or rules.

You can write whatever you want whenever you want.

Want to create a blog about your favorite video game?

You’re bound to find an audience. Just be yourself and write about the things you’re passionate about. Once you have a good following you can begin looking at ways to monetize your blog and start raking in the cash.

First thing you need is a domain name

Bluehost are offering a free domain name when you buy hosting from them. Use this handy tool to see if your domain name idea is available!

I absolutely recommend Bluehost to all new bloggers. Their servers are fast, hosting costs only $2.95 per month and you get a FREE domain!

If you want to know more about getting your blog up and running in less than 30 minutes, head over to my How To Start a Blog tutorial.

Take Online Surveys

Online surveys are easy to do. I make on average $350 per month with Survey Junkie.

Many companies have apps that are looking for honest answers to simple questions. The surveys are designed to help advertisers get a better understanding of specific demographics.

While many survey sites are geared towards adults, some are also looking for the opinions of 12-year-old kids and younger. Check out sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie to see if you qualify for a survey. If you do, you can get paid in cash, points, or gift cards. Either way, you will be rewarded for your time.

Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube has become so powerful in the last decade that many kids dream of the day that they hit it big on the platform. Like blogging, you can easily make money off your videos with some followers.

You can make some extra cash just talking about things you’re passionate about. Whether you’re into toys, movies, or video games, you can easily become part of a dedicated niche community. You have to be at least 13 years old to create a YouTube account. However, if you get your parents involved, your opportunities may grow even more.

Sell Used Items Online

Who doesn’t have some unwanted stuff lying around? Take a look through your closet and there’s a good chance you’ll find some clothes that don’t fit or toys that you’re not interested in anymore. Instead of wasting all of that valuable space in your home, why not sell that stuff online?

Platforms like eBay are great for getting rid of used products. Just create a listing, set a price, and ship off your items once they’re sold. It’s as easy as that. Just make sure you get your parent’s permission beforehand!


Being a billionaire isn’t reserved for just the mega-rich. As the youngest self-made female billionaire in history, 19-year-old Chloe Green can attest to that. Similarly, Oprah Winfrey’s net worth of $2.9 billion at age 67 proves that you can become a billionaire at any age. In fact, there have been several billionaires who started out as children and have gone on to solidify their positions as top financial players.

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