How Much Does a Project Manager Make Per Hour

How Much Does a Project Manager Make Per Hour- What’s more interesting than how much do project manager make per hour? Perhaps this is. A lot of people want to know how much do project managers make? What is more interesting is how what they make actually correlates with the time they spend on their jobs. Here, you will know about how much do project managers make per hour and what would be the average pay for them.

There are many project managers in the world of business. Let’s find out how much does a project manager make per hour. There are plenty of expert project managers out there, but if you want to get your feet wet, you can learn how to start this profession on your own by reading the article below.

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How much does a Project Manager make?

As of Nov 14, 2021, the average hourly pay for a Project Manager in the United States is $37.54 an hour.

While ZipRecruiter is seeing hourly wages as high as $66.35 and as low as $13.46, the majority of Project Manager wages currently range between $26.20 (25th percentile) to $45.67 (75th percentile) across the United States. The average pay range for a Project Manager varies greatly (by as much as $19.47), which suggests there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location and years of experience.

Based on recent job posting activity on ZipRecruiter, the Project Manager job market in both Lagos, NG and throughout the entire state of is not very active as few companies are currently hiring. A Project Manager in your area makes on average $38 per hour or the same as the national average hourly salary of $37.54. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Project Manager salaries.

To estimate the most accurate hourly salary range for Project Manager jobs, ZipRecruiter continuously scans its database of millions of active jobs published locally throughout America.

Find your next high-paying job as a Project Manager on ZipRecruiter today.

A person working as a Project Manager in Nigeria typically earns around 412,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 198,000 NGN (lowest) to 647,000 NGN (highest).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Project Manager salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. Below you will find a detailed breakdown based on many different criteria.

The median, the maximum, the minimum, and the range

  • Salary RangeProject Manager salaries in Nigeria range from 198,000 NGN per month (minimum salary) to 647,000 NGN per month (maximum salary).
  • Median SalaryThe median salary is 429,000 NGN per month, which means that half (50%) of people working as Project Manager(s) are earning less than 429,000 NGN while the other half are earning more than 429,000 NGN. The median represents the middle salary value. Generally speaking, you would want to be on the right side of the graph with the group earning more than the median salary.
  • PercentilesClosely related to the median are two values: the 25th and the 75th percentiles. Reading from the salary distribution diagram, 25% of Project Manager(s) are earning less than 282,000 NGN while 75% of them are earning more than 282,000 NGN. Also from the diagram, 75% of Project Manager(s) are earning less than 560,000 NGN while 25% are earning more than 560,000 NGN.

How much does a Project Management Manager make hourly in the United States? The average hourly wage for a Project Management Manager in the United States is $63 as of October 29, 2021, but the range typically falls between $56 and $71. Hourly rate can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. With more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, helps you determine your exact pay target. 

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Project Manager Jobs

We’ve identified 10 cities where the typical salary for a Project Manager job is above the national average. Topping the list is Sunnyvale, CA, with Livermore, CA and Santa Rosa, CA close behind in the second and third positions. Santa Rosa, CA beats the national average by $17,284 (22.1%), and Sunnyvale, CA furthers that trend with another $20,576 (26.4%) above the $78,087 average.

Significantly, Sunnyvale, CA has a very active Project Manager job market as there are several companies currently hiring for this type of role.

With these 10 cities having average salaries higher than the national average, the opportunities for economic advancement by changing locations as a Project Manager appears to be exceedingly fruitful.

Finally, another factor to consider is the average salary for these top ten cities varies very little at 9% between Sunnyvale, CA and New York City, NY, reinforcing the limited potential for much wage advancement. The possibility of a lower cost of living may be the best factor to use when considering location and salary for a Project Manager role.

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Project Manager Jobs in the U.S.

We found at least five jobs related to the Project Manager job category that pay more per year than a typical Project Manager salary. Top examples of these roles include: Senior Infrastructure Project Manager, IT Security Project Manager, and Senior Technical Project Manager.

Importantly, all of these jobs are paid between $45,779 (58.6%) and $64,727 (82.9%) more than the average Project Manager salary of $78,087. If you’re qualified, getting hired for one of these related Project Manager jobs may help you make more money than that of the average Project Manager position.

Project manager median wages from BLS

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) does not classify project managers as a separate occupation but considers them construction managers when in the construction industry, computer and information systems managers in IT, or architectural and engineering managers in engineering. Project managers working in other areas are categorized as unclassified managers. We can get a general idea about salary information from these three industries.

Computer and IT (Information Systems) project managers

As of 2019, the median annual wage of IT managers (including IT project managers) was $146,360 (USD) per year or $70.37 per hour. 

Construction project managers

As of 2019, the median annual wage of construction managers (aka general contractors, project managers) was $95,260 per year or $45.80 per hour.

Architectural and engineering project managers

As of 2019, the median annual wage of architectural and engineering managers was $144,380 per year or $69.63 per hour.

PMI’s Project Manager Salary Survey

In January 2020, Project Management Institute (PMI) released Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, Eleventh Edition, based on survey data gathered from 32,000 project management professionals in 42 countries.

In the report, the median annual salary for project managers across all countries, roles, and experience levels was $57,911. 

Glassdoor’s project manager salaries national average

As of January 2021, employment website Glassdoor shows that the national average for project manager salaries is $66,137, averaging from 133,345 salaries in its database.

PayScale’s average salaries for PMP-certified project managers

As of January 2021, salary information website PayScale shows the average salaries for those with the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification as:

  • IT project managers: $88,982 (calculated from 6,972salaries)
  • Senior IT project managers: $116,813 (calculated from 4,404 salaries)
  • Project manager (general): $74,612 (calculated from 46,267salaries)


The project manager salary vary in accordance to the position, although there are common things that take place in any job. The profession is excellent for employers and professionals because it provides the chance to work with people, specific goals and customers. It is likely to talk with customers in order to understand what they want and how things need to be done in the long term. Finding ways for promoting efficiency in any tasks can take a while, but it doesn’t require five years of experience

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