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Often it´s our own fault, because we eat too much too late, consume media before going to bed, don´t exercise, float the mind with negative and repetitive thoughts that come back at night, sadly not as succubi and incubi, but more the nightmarish evil, not sexy, demon style thing. Even if full 8 hours are reached, the quality can be so low that healthier people with an optimistic mindset find more regeneration with lesser sleep than that.

The consequences of sleeping too less because of work, too many hobbies or mental problems are as devastating as overweight, smoking, drinking, and many other harmful activities one normally avoids, but doesn´t care when it´s about finishing just one more level, one more chapter, one more project for work, one more beer with friends, one more episode, one more cancer, heart attack, virus infection due to a weakened immune system…

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  • Book Title: why we sleep by Matthew Walker PDF
  • Author: Matthew Walker
  • Published: October 3rd 2017 by Scribner (first published September 28th 2017)
  • Goodreads Link: why we sleep by Matthew Walker PDF
  • ISBN:
  • Formats: [PDF] [Epub]
  • No. of pages: 368 pages
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  • Genre: Nonfiction, Science
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Neuroscientist and sleep expert Matthew Walker provides a revolutionary exploration of sleep, examining how it affects every aspect of our physical and mental well-being. Charting the most cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs, and marshalling his decades of research and clinical practice, Walker explains how we can harness sleep to improve learning, mood and energy levels, regulate hormones, prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes, slow the effects of aging, and increase longevity. He also provides actionable steps towards getting a better night’s sleep every night.

why we sleep by Matthew Walker Review

Review by Bill Gates from Goodreads

Back in my early Microsoft days, I routinely pulled all-nighters when we had to deliver a piece of software. Once or twice, I stayed up two nights in a row. I knew I wasn’t as sharp when I was operating mostly on caffeine and adrenaline, but I was obsessed with my work, and I felt that sleeping a lot was lazy.

Now that I’ve read Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep, I realize that my all-nighters, combined with almost never getting eight hours of sleep, took a big toll. The book was recommended to me by my daughter Jenn and John Doerr. Walker, the director of UC Berkeley’s Center for Human Sleep Science, explains how neglecting sleep undercuts your creativity, problem solving, decision-making, learning, memory, heart health, brain health, mental health, emotional well-being, immune system, and even your life span. “The decimation of sleep throughout industrialized nations is having a catastrophic impact,” Walker writes.

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