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Avery Keene, a bright law clerk for the legendary and sometimes controversial Justice Howard Wynn, is thrust into the spotlight when she is appointed legal guardian and power of attorney for Justice Wynn during a political crisis. Wynn, a prominent judge has slipped into a coma ahead of a very important political and ethical vote that draws out his many enemies, and conspirators who will stop at nothing to keep hidden dark and damaging secrets including those who seek to influence the vote to their own ends.

The book “While Justice Sleeps” is a brilliant and complex suspense thriller that takes us from the corridors of Washington to India, involving an American biotech company and an Indian genetics firm. A must-read for thriller lovers.

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  • Book Title: While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams PDF
  • Author: Stacey Abrams
  • Published: May 11th 2021 by Doubleday
  • Goodreads Link: While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams PDF
  • ISBN: 9780385546577
  • Formats: [PDF] [Epub]
  • No. of pages: 367 pages
  • Size: 3 MB
  • Genre: Fiction, Mytery
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Available
  • Price: $0

While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams Summary

While Justice Sleeps is a gripping, complexly plotted thriller set within the halls of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Avery Keene, a brilliant young law clerk for the legendary Justice Howard Wynn, is doing her best to hold her life together–excelling in an arduous job with the court while also dealing with a troubled family. When the shocking news breaks that Justice Wynn–the cantankerous swing vote on many current high-profile cases–has slipped into a coma, Avery’s life turns upside down. She is immediately notified that Justice Wynn has left instructions for her to serve as his legal guardian and power of attorney. Plunged into an explosive role she never anticipated, Avery finds that Justice Wynn had been secretly researching one of the most controversial cases before the court–a proposed merger between an American biotech company and an Indian genetics firm, which promises to unleash breathtaking results in the medical field. She also discovers that Wynn suspected a dangerously related conspiracy that infiltrates the highest power corridors of Washington.

As political wrangling ensues in Washington to potentially replace the ailing judge whose life and survival Avery controls, she begins to unravel a carefully constructed, chesslike sequence of clues left behind by Wynn. She comes to see that Wynn had a much more personal stake in the controversial case and realizes his complex puzzle will lead her directly into harm’s way in order to find the truth. While Justice Sleeps is a cunningly crafted, sophisticated novel, layered with myriad twists and a vibrant cast of characters. Drawing on her astute inside knowledge of the court and political landscape, Stacey Abrams shows herself to be not only a force for good in politics and voter fairness but also a major new talent in suspense fiction.

While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams Book Review

Reviewed by Paromjit from Goodreads

Stacey Abrams, lawyer and Georgia Democratic political rockstar when it comes to voting rights, showcases her ability to write a complex, taut and riveting legal thriller, featuring the extraordinary Avery Keene, a protagonist in the vein of Grisham’s Darby Shaw in The Pelican Brief, memorably played by Julia Roberts in the movie. Avery is the law clerk, with an eidetic memory, to the brilliant if cantankerous, Justice Howard Wynn, so often the critical swing vote in the Supreme Court. Her life becomes a deadly and challenging nightmare when Wynn slides into a coma, apparently he is a sufferer of Boursin’s Syndrome, and shockingly he has appointed her his legal guardian with power of attorney. This is an act that enrages the President, Brandon Stokes, and Celeste, Wynn’s wife who wants to switch off his life support.

The suspicions of Homeland Security’s Major Will Vance and the FBI are aroused, whilst the intense media scrutiny is behind the public shredding of her reputation, discrediting her professionalism, and questioning her integrity, nothing and no-one is off limits, including Avery’s drug addict mother, Rita. Aided by Jared, Wynn’s estranged son, Noah Fox, Wynn’s lawyer, and Dr Ling Yun, her best friend, roommate, and medic, Avery tries to solve the cryptic clues left behind for her by Wynn under the format of a strategic chess match. This leads her to Avtar, a Indian biotech company, and its proposed acquisiton of the American GenWorks that is being virulently opposed by the President, amoral, unethical and deadly genetic experimentation, and political corruption at the highest levels. Furthermore, Avery faces powerfully ruthless political players intent on removing Wynn from the Supreme Court, who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this, including murder, and threatening the lives of anyone close to Avery.

Abrams utilises her political and legal background to great effect in this fast paced, compulsive and suspenseful thriller that had me turning the pages as fast as I could to find out how it all ends. I must admit, prior to reading this, I was apprehensive as to whether Abrams would be able to deliver a well written and exciting thriller, I need not have worried in the slightest, this is the work of a able writer. It seems there is no end to the talents of the author, and I loved her capacity to come up with several well plotted, and complex storylines in this enthralling read. This is one I am sure many crime, mystery and thriller readers will love.

About the author

Stacey Abrams is an American politician, lawyer, author, and businesswoman who was the house minority leader for the Georgia General Assembly and state representative for the 89th House District. She is a Democrat. Abrams is a candidate in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election.

If elected, Abrams will be Georgia’s first female governor and the first black female governor in the United States.

Abrams, one of six siblings, was born to Robert and Carolyn Abrams in Madison, Wisconsin and raised in Gulfport, Mississippi. The family moved to Atlanta where her parents pursued graduate school and later became Methodist ministers. She attended Avondale High School and was the school’s first African-American valedictorian. While in high school, she was hired as a typist for a congressional campaign and was later hired as a speechwriter at age 17 based on the edits she made while typing.

In 1995, Abrams earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Political Science, Economics and Sociology) from Spelman College, magna cum laude. While in college, Abrams worked in the youth services department in the office of Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson. She later interned at the Environmental Protection Agency. As a Harry S. Truman Scholar, she studied public policy at the University of Texas at Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs and went on to earn her J.D. from Yale Law School.

Abrams worked as a tax attorney at the Sutherland Asbill & Brennan law firm in Atlanta, with a focus on tax-exempt organizations, health care and public finance. She was appointed the Deputy City Attorney for Atlanta at age 29.

Abrams co-founded and served as the senior vice president of NOW Corp. (formerly NOWaccount Network Corporation), a financial services firm. She co-founded Nourish, Inc., a beverage company with a focus on infants and toddlers, and is CEO of Sage Works, a legal consulting firm, that has represented clients including the Atlanta Dream of the WNBA.

Abrams has had an extensive writing career, penning several best-selling novels under the nom de plume of Selina Montgomery. Abrams is also the author of ‘Minority Leader’, a book of leadership advice to be published by Henry Holt & Co. in April 2018. 

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