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The Standard for Portfolio Management – Fourth Edition PDF Book Details

  • Book Title: The Standard for Portfolio Management — Fourth Edition
  • Author: PMI
  • Publication Date: November 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1935589693
  • Formats: PDF
  • No. of pages: 140
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Genre: Exam Prep
  • Language: English
  • File Status: Available for Download
  • Price: Free

The Standard for Portfolio Management – Fourth Edition Description

In today’s environment of rapid change and constant disruption, highly-mature portfolio management practices have proven to be a vital tool to organizational success.

Portfolio managers oversee a collection of projects, programs and other activities that are grouped together to meet strategic business objectives. The practice of portfolio management is integral to the implementation of your organization’s overall strategic plan.

Now in its fourth edition, The Standard for Portfolio Management reflects current practices and has been updated to reflect the evolution of the profession.

It is principle-based, making it applicable to a broad range of organizations, regardless of project delivery approach.

The Fourth Edition also contains an expanded description of portfolio management to reflect its relation to organizational project management and the organization.

Table of Contents For The Standard for Portfolio Management Fourth Edition PDF

  1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose of the Standard for Portfolio Management
1.2. Audience for the Standard for Portfolio Management
1.3. What is a Portfolio?
1.4. Relationships among Portfolios, Programs, Projects, and Operations
1.5. What is Portfolio Management?
1.6. Relationships among Portfolio Management, Program Management, and Project Management
1.7. Principles of Portfolio Management
1.8. Relationships among Portfolio Management, Organizational Strategy, Strategic Business Execution, and Organizational Project Management
1.8.1. Portfolio Management and Organizational Strategy
1.8.2. Strategic Business Execution and Organizational Project Management
1.9. Portfolio Components and their Interrelationships
1.9.1. Program Management
1.9.2. Project Management
1.9.3. Operations Management
1.10. Role of the Portfolio Manager
1.11. Other Roles in Portfolio Management
1.11.1. Sponsors
1.11.2. Portfolio Governance Body
1.11.3. Portfolio, Program, and/or Project Management Office
1.11.4. Program Managers
1.11.5. Project Managers

  1. The Portfolio Life Cycle

2.1. Overview
2.2. Guiding Principles
2.3. Ongoing Life Cycle
2.3.1. Initiation
2.3.2. Planning
2.3.3. Execution
2.3.4. Optimization
2.3.5. Monitor and Control
2.4. Portfolio Management Information System (PMIS)
2.5. Governance within the Portfolio Life Cycle

  1. Portfolio Strategic Management

3.1. Overview
3.2. Guiding Principles
3.3. Portfolio Strategic Objectives
3.4. Developing Portfolio Strategic Objectives
3.4.1. Vision and Mission Statements
3.4.2. Strategic Goals
3.4.3. Strategic Objectives
3.4.4. Strategic Initiatives
3.5. Strategic Risk Appetite
3.6. Portfolio Charter
3.7. Portfolio Roadmap
3.8. Key Portfolio Components
3.8.1. Evaluating Portfolio Key Components
3.8.2. Selecting Portfolio Key Components
3.9. Portfolio Optimization
3.10. Managing Strategic Alignment
3.10.1. Considerations when Managing Strategic Impact
3.10.2. The Impact of Strategic Change

  1. Portfolio Governance

4.1. Overview
4.2. What is Portfolio Governance?
4.3. Guiding Principles
4.4. The Concept of Governance
4.4.1. Portfolio Governance Impact on Programs and Projects
4.4.2. Portfolio Governance and other Domains in Portfolio Management
4.5. Effective Portfolio Governance Design Factors
4.6. Portfolio Governance Roles
4.6.1. Portfolio Sponsor
4.6.2. Portfolio Governance Board
4.6.3. Portfolio Audit Organization
4.6.4. Other Roles

  1. Portfolio Capacity and Capability Management

5.1. Overview
5.2. Guiding Principles
5.3. Capacity Management
5.4. Capacity Planning
5.5. Supply and Demand Management
5.5.1. Supply and Demand Analysis
5.5.2. Supply and Demand Allocations
5.6. Supply and Demand Optimization
5.7. Organizational Capabilities
5.8. Capability Assessment
5.9. Capability Development
5.9.1. Developing New Capabilities
5.9.2. Sustaining Existing Capabilities
5.10. Performance Reporting and Analytics
5.11. Balance Capacity and Capability

  1. Portfolio Stakeholder Engagement

6.1. Overview
6.2. Guiding Principles
6.3. Definition and Identification of Portfolio Stakeholders
6.3.1. Categorization of Stakeholders
6.3.2. Identifying Stakeholders
6.4. Analysis of Portfolio Stakeholders
6.5. Stakeholder Engagement Planning
6.6. Identifying Communications Management Approaches
6.6.1. Alignment with Governance
6.6.2. Communication Infrastructure
6.6.3. Portfolio Management Plan
6.6.4. Portfolio Reports
6.6.5. Portfolio Process Assets
6.6.6. Communication Governance and Interface to Components
6.7. Manage Portfolio Communications

  1. Portfolio Value Management

7.1. Overview
7.2. Guiding Principles
7.3. What is Value Management?
7.4. Components of Value Management
7.5. Negotiating Expected Value
7.6. Maximizing Value
7.7. Assuring Value
7.8. Realizing Value
7.9. Measuring Value
7.10. Reporting Value

  1. Portfolio Risk Management

8.1. Overview
8.2. Guiding Principles
8.2.1. Managing Portfolio Risk
8.2.2. Balancing Risk
8.3. Portfolio Risk Management
8.4. Key Planning Elements
8.4.1. Portfolio Risk Management Framework
8.4.2. Risk Perception
8.5. Portfolio Risk Management Framework and Portfolio Risk Management Plan
8.5.1. Portfolio Risk Management Framework
8.5.2. Portfolio Risk Management Plan


Appendix X1. Fourth Edition Changes

X1.1. Structural Changes
X1.2. Writing Styles
X1.3. Section 1—Introduction Changes
X1.4. Section 2—The Portfolio Life Cycle
X1.5. Section 3—Portfolio Strategic Management
X1.6. Section 4—Portfolio Governance
X1.7. Section 5—Portfolio Capacity and Capability Management
X1.8. Section 6—Portfolio Stakeholder Management
X1.9. Section 7—Portfolio Value Management
X1.10. Section 8—Portfolio Risk Management

Appendix X2. Contributors and Reviewers of the Standard for Portfolio Management

X2.1. The Standard for Portfolio Management—Fourth Edition Core Committee
X2.2. Subcommittee Members
X2.3. Reviewers
X2.3.1. SME Review
X2.3.2. Consensus Body Review
X2.3.3. Exposure Draft Review
X2.4. PMI Standards Program Member Advisory Group (MAG)
X2.5. Harmonization Team
X2.6. Production Staff

Appendix X3. Considering the Portfolio as a Complex System

X3.1. A Holistic Approach to Portfolios and their Management


The Standard for Portfolio Management Fourth Edition PDF Free Download

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Hello Edna, The link has been updated. Sorry for the mixup.

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