About Us

We are well aware of user disappointment when they surf different websites for hours wasting their precious time and still don’t get the information and books they desire. This is because the sole intention/motive of most of such website’s is to earn money regardless of user experience and the nuisance created by their website.

Just as our tagline says, our main aim is to Advance knowledge and make educational materials easy to access. We’re grateful to have helped so many by providing them with the Information and books they need. So, if you are in search of a site that offers free knowledge, we’re here or you.

We have designed and managed our website Knowdemia especially keeping these few things in our mind and by providing accurate information on where to get what you need and also direct and clean books just on the distance of a single click. Prominent features about which our website is developed are including:

  • Best Book Deals Available Online.
  • Tech advise.
  • Single click download (Automated with our servers)
  • 24/7 Online support for the availability of any book
  • Committed team
  • Quick response in comments
  • Simple and easy to navigate website
  • Complete book information
  • No more annoying advertisements or Installer packages
  • No more disturbing and popping up ads
  • Daily update for the latest books
  • And finally, everything that has to do with Knowledge

What is our Mission and Belief?

To play a critical role in making the knowledge free for all. By providing free guidance and high-quality educational materials. We believe that Knowledge should be free. And not just that, we are here to make it HAPPEN!

Our users are precious to us, and we spend a big part of our time managing, checking, uploading, writing and finally posting desired books for users, so please be cooperative with us. Please do well to contact us if you have any suggestion, complaints, testimonials and feedbacks. And if you find anything not working properly report it to us!


Knowdemia Team.